Opinion on tree id tags?

I get so many of these to review. Where they are along a trail with marked locations, I think they are great points of interest. But as is the case here, they are usually just scattered all about. And this one timed out while I was considering it.

Would love clarification or other opinions on these. To me, they are not distinct.

They are interesting and educational but I feel that any decently sized arboretum would have hundreds of these so individual ones wouldn’t be distinct.

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I am also unsure on these. I usually will approve them as I think they are quite interesting. I had one that was already on the map in a different area so I marked it as duplicate. :person_shrugging: I don’t think you need more than one. It is technically a nature sign and quite informational. My kids scout group enjoys identifying all the trees.

I typically don’t see multiples for different trees, and I do go through and check all of the current Wayspots to make sure the submission isn’t a duplicate. Many arboretums in the US will only have one tree per species with a sign, and do tend to have dozens of species, not just a few.

As long as it isn’t a duplicate, the tree signs do meet exploration criteria, as they are educational. For the example provided, I don’t care too much for the description, as it would be nice to include some addidtional information about the species, which isn’t hard to find via a web search.

Also, most of these submissions won’t have Street View available, but it’s still possible that the tree and sign are there.

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