Overview of the Lightship map Wayspots

starting with a guess, working as intended…

if you do the nomination process via PoGo you will have at first the location pointer with the local map in the background AND on left lower corner a selection to show/unshow existing wayspots.
it was working before, it is not anymore for a couple of months. any reason why? and possibility or other way/app to get this information? its a bit annoying to “produce” duplicates as an example asking why…

thank you

There’s currently a bug in Pokemon GO where, depending on your language setting, the display of Wayspots in the nominations screen doesn’t work.

Example: If you have your language set to German (Germany), then it won’t work.
Setting it to German (Switzerland) might work.


This is a known issue and we have escalated it to the concerned team. As a workaround, you can try switching your device language to English in the meantime while the team works on a fix.

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