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Tolworth Tower

1964 building by Richard Seifert. Built on the site of the former Odeon Cinema the tower is outer London’s tallest building and an iconic example of Modernist Brutalism

At 265ft high the Tolworth Tower is 1960’s architecture by Richard Seifert.
Seifert and partners built with Moderism in mind creating Centre Point, Magnet House and the above tower among others. At the time of building it became revolutionary for its brutalist design in suburban London offering people a place to work and drive to outside central London. Much loved and also much hated the modernist design has become an iconic symbol of the area

Looks like a regular building now, if not by 1960 standards. Every building has a history. Why would people make an effort to go explore to see this? Even if it is the tallest in the outer area of London, it’s not that tall.

I’m really playing devils advocate. Can you convince me that people would really go out of their way just to see this building?

With that writeup, yes.
With “more pokestops plz”, no.
Its definitely one that needs explaining


It depends do you have an interest in architecture, it’s place in society and how it effects communities and the people who live and work in them?

If you can make an attempt and effort of establishing anything like architectural history, the importance of the architecture style, and/or establish it won some kind of architecture award that is regional.

It has to be more of a copy and paste from Wikipedia too.

Did you read it and look at the links?

Go for it.

Not really but if there’s a Wikipedia article, it’s bound to have passed notability for it.

Seifert first made his mark on the London skyline with the Centre Point building in Oxford Street in 1966 and later the National Westminster Tower (1981).

Tolworths landmark 250-feet tower was built in 1964.

Towards the end of the 70s
Seifert found himself under heavy attack, the criticism aimed above all at Centre Point, built for Harry Hyams and notoriously left empty while its value continued to mount.

Yet today, Centre Point is a listed building, while other Seifert designs the NatWest Tower and the 22-storey Tolworth Tower on the Kingston bypass are among the capitals most prominent landmarks.

It ends up with another great, and early, Marsh and Seifert building, Tolworth Tower (1964). This rocket-shaped wonder is a huge landmark in Tolworth, West London. Thank goodness this seems to be one example of Marsh’s work that is a survivor.
Along with the NLA Tower in Croydon and Space House in Holborn, it is one of their greatest buildings, and it’s great to see such pristine sixties footage capturing it before the fumes from the Kingston bypass got to it.

Tolworth Tower was a revolutionary office building in its time, not least because it was one of the first built on the suburban edge of London and with a large car park allowing workers to commute to and from it and live near it if they chose rather than travelling into central London. It is a controversial building and remains one that is both admired as an iconic landmark and reviled for its ‘brutalist’ idealism.

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Yeah, I’d accept it but you’d have to start quite early in the description with its notability, and then include those citations. Wikipedia is good.

Where would you anchor the wayspot though?

That was a tricky bit.

There are signs and lettering for Northpoint Tolworth Tower so I had to go with that. Getting a picture of that and the Tower from below was impossible though.

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Emily needs to learn about architecture.




Yay, that’s pretty awesome

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Result ! Very cool



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