Parks & Outdoor Recreation

It was really great to get NianticTintino’s clarification for Parks & Outdoor Recreation. I hope we get more great information like this.

That said, I’m still confused about something… how to get natural features past eMiLy. Tintino’s post clearly says that no sign is required and the example of a good photo just shows a field with trees. My own experience with posting photos like these is that every single one is rejected by ML. I just tried several post-clarification… all rejected by eMiLy.

I’m glad that Niantic has publicly clarified that natural features make good POIs, but I’d appreciate more clarification on how to nominate them successfully.

It could be because it’s only a mountain or something like this, usually some spots like that are declined because don’t have “nothing”, if that spot for example have picnic tables or some signs that explain something about the environment could be more possible that gonna be accepted, because table picnics or whatever like this, foments meetings or more social activity. :slight_smile: