Pharmacies as Waysports. Does a pharmacy meet Wayfarer's criteria?

There are a multitude of pharmacies spread throughout the city, I have proposed the creation of a Wayspot with some of them, but the proposals have been rejected. So before appealing, I would like to know the answer.

Thank you and regards.

A pharmacy is typically not a great place to socialise, exercise or explore, so in most cases it wouldn’t meet criteria.


Hank has given you the basic answer, but I would like to ask you how you think a pharmacy meets one of the 3 tenets of the criteria, a great place to:

  • be social
  • exercise
  • explore

Can you explain how a pharmacy in general, or even a specific pharmacy in your area, does any of those things? Wayfarer is not just a list of “places/items that are eligible” and “places/items that are not eligible.” It’s a system to think about a place or an item’s impact to the community. Does it (this specific place) do one of the 3 things listed above?

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Have a look around your play area and there will probably be a multitude of Wayspots.

There will be lots of things that are great like art, historic items, social gathering areas, exercise areas, local and national walking or biking trails, places and buildings that define or shape the community.

There will also be lots of absolute dross like postboxes (UK), survey markers in the middle of the road(Aus), memorial benches placed by family members(Global), generic food and clothing stores(Global), Housing estate signs(US), Fire and Police call boxes (NY), India and Turkey(India and Turkey).

Emulate the former rather than the latter when looking for things to add :slight_smile:


Thank you very much, it is totally clear to me. When creating a Wayspot it must meet one of those three criteria, if it does not, it is not valid.

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Perfect. The answer is obviously no. Actually the reason to apply for a pharmacy like Wayspot is because there is one created like Wayspot. Therefore, this Wayspot does not meet the criteria and I understand that its removal should be requested.

Of course, as I said in another answer, I had a doubt, because there was a Wayspot that was a pharmacy.

My requests are usually aimed at items with historical relevance, businesses with more than 50 years of tradition, comic or video game stores, etc.

Dance centers, gyms, crossfit, functional training…

So I understand that I’m not doing that bad.

It doesn’t hurt to ask :slight_smile:

Good luck trying to get something that isn’t unsafe, dangerous removed though.