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Quick question. Should community parks/play parks also then not be just one POI ? where there multiple POI for jungle gym’s and play area etc. Scattered across the park for one “play gym”.

To keep this specific topic on course about golf I’m going to create a new topic.

Thank you. Was just curious about this. There just a fine line between the two topic. Only POI for golf where by particular hole “such the have halfway hole could POI”.You are excericing and being social within the S2 cell could be equivalent to multiple POI in one park. Which cover the same surface area as the golf course

Guidance seems to go both ways, here.

On one hand, Niantic says they prefer a single nomination for an area, a set, a playing field. They don’t want you to nominate both baskets on one court, or the fort, slide, and mini-gym in a play area.

On the other hand, if a case can be made that ‘Fitness Station #2: Abs’ stands alone, and isn’t merely a stage in a ten-step sequence, it may be considered to be a great place to exercise all by itself.

Our goal becomes the finding of interesting, useful, or informative locations. Some of the ones that appear to be bland are still important to their communities, but may not be improved by dissecting them into smaller pieces.

Niantic makes clear that they regard a golf course as a single PoI, although the clubhouse and a few other things may qualify as separate Wayspots.


Thank you that iron out large portion of my question. Well explained it really nice getting help like this :smile_cat:

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I always go

  1. Submit the play park, thats it unless

  2. Theres somethkng that cluld be big enough to be its own thing, such as a zipline kr a spiderweb climbing thing