Disc Golf Course as one or multiples

I didn’t immediately think about the fact that it is said to only have a single submission for an entire disc golf course until it kept getting brought up in another discussion and now the more I think about the more I disagree with this premise as well. I’m not familiar enough with disc golf courses everywhere but the few I have seen are not stand alone courses like a regular golf course are, they have been in park areas wrapped around other features in the parks such as ball fields, buildings, etc… So, why treat the entire course as one POI? Especially when the beginning and ending could be miles away from each other. I don’t see treating each hole marker any different than individual mile markers on a hiking trail, different exhibits at a zoo or botanical garden, we don’t treat those things as a single POI for the entire thing. And while the zoo and gardens can be argued that they have very unique things the one for trails is no different. What is the difference between mile marker .5 and .8 other than the number? And the distance between the mile markers are similar to distance between holes as well. The other thing is logistics, when holes are wrapped around other things and over large distances it makes looking to see if there is already a POI for the course very hard unless there is nothing else around, this means some courses may end up with several and some not. And while yes we can try to remove some if it gets more than one, who gets to decide which hole is the better choice to represent the entire course. Also question the places that have multiple courses that crisscross each other. I have seen a park with three separate 9 hole courses (blue, red, yellow courses) that crossed each other, is that all considered one course or three separate courses? Someone made comment about a putt-putt but I fell like the difference should be the scale and exclusivity of the course. If it’s extremely small like a normal putt-putt or exclusive as in the entire area is only a course such as traditional golf courses then a single POI makes sense but if it’s large area and intertwined with other features then I feel like each hole could be its own POI.

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You’re comparing disc golf to the wrong things. Disc golf is a game. It’s not a trail or a zoo.

It is a game/sport. When someone plays it, they engage with the course as a whole the same way a person would engage with an entire football field or an entire baseball field.

When someone hits a baseball/softball, they must run (or attempt to run) all four bases for their score to count. We don’t place POI at each base because the field as a whole represents the game/sport. Similarly, we give 1 POI to an entire course for golf or disc golf.

The one caveat I always mention is that I grew up playing regular golf on a public course that offered their course as 3 distinct sets of 9-hole courses. Each 9-hole course had a name. You were given maps for each 9-hole course individually. If you wanted to play 18 holes, you told the person behind the counter which courses you would play. Or you could choose to only play 9-holes at one of the courses. In a case like that, I would accept 1 POI at each set of 9-hole courses. But I think that was fairly unique, or at least “old style,” so that we don’t see course arranged that way much anymore. If a disc golf course had some kind of similar set up, I would consider 1 POI per grouping of holes. Any set of holes that would be considered a “complete game” would be fine.


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Walking/jogging can be considered a sport as well, we have 5k or 10k’s all the time and people use tracks or trails at parks to train for them. When you go to a park to walk the track you are engaging with the entire track because once you start the loop you finish it to get back to your car. But yet we still give a POI to each mile marker on that track or trail.


Yes this is the basis for this discussion.

Would you like to also apply this logic to trail markers?

One for the whole course. It’s been clarified.


Yes it has, but doesn’t mean it can’t change after discussion.

Most of us are in agreement that it should be one for the course. Sorry if that clarification has ruined your plans to submit multiple, but for a long time it was getting out of hand with people trying to submit every basket/hole. It doesn’t need changing from what it is currently.


a wayspot for each hole is as incorrect as a wayspot for multiple features of a sports fields. The whole thing is one point of interest, you don’t go for a specific piece.

that’s all the discussion i’m willing to give this. the clarification is fine and makes sense and most people agree with it.

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Or trying to submit both the tee and the hole for the whole course in some cases…18 or 36 wayspots for a single course. just bonkers.


Are you saying each mile marker on a track shouldn’t be a separate POI? They should all be counted as one POI?

on a track? idk maybe. on a trail? no i’m not saying that at all and i don’t think it’s a fair comparison. Generally trails will have markers at intersections either with other trails, or with roads. Those markers display some unique bit of information.

It definitely seems like most are in agreement on here but watching submissions come into voting it doesn’t appear that way as I see multiple sets of them almost every time I sit down to do voting. I feel like the trail markers on trees in woods are out of control too but we keep accepting them.

I wasn’t referring to the ones with unique info, just the ones that show the milage every tenth of a mile. Or the horrible trail markers on trees that are all the same, just a diamond shape with image in them.

examples: are these okay to count each individual one as a POI ?
mile .5

I’d probably approve both, yes


Not only does having the individual holes interfere with golfers, people who actually play the game tell me these discs are much heavier and more dangerous than the frisbees you are probably thinking they use.

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I have indeed been hit by one. My fault I was clumsy and walked into it not realizing the path can curve. But back to the point…. I had a massive deep bruise from it!! It hurt like all heck.

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How exactly do y’all think people playing disc golf retrieve their discs? People walk up to baskets all the time. If you get hit with a disc, well, life is full of learning opportunities.