Idea for Appeals from Machine Learning Rejections

I had an idea, well it was more of a crowd-sourced idea but here it is anyway:

Having a new appeal every 20 days is a great compromise, however, we have an idea to make it even better.

  • I propose a 2nd appeal type just for bot rejections.

  • When you use that appeal it’s taken from you, and stuck in limbo

  • If your appeal is accepted and your nomination is approved you are immediately refunded that appeal and can appeal another bot rejected nomination.

  • If your appeal is rejected, and it is found the bot rejected your nomination correctly you are forced to wait 20 days to get a new one back.

This would prevent a flood of new appeals into the system, as people would only have 1 bot rejection in the queue at a time and it would allow the Wayfarer team to get more feedback to Emily in a more expeditious manner.


I feel like this could work for all appeals, just as well as for machine learning rejected ones. The advantages of this system:

  1. It controls itself. If the appeals start to get bogged down and slowed, then it simply takes longer for people to get their 1 appeal back. If the system clears out, then people get that appeal back faster.
  2. It would also encourage people to think carefully before appealing, and to focus those appeals on the wayspots that are more likely to be approved during the appeal.

I approve this message.


I think it is a good idea.