POI approved through appeal but not in the game

I had a POI approved after an appeal, but after 10 or so days I am sadly confident something must have gone wrong.

Coords are roughly 46.198677, 9.021360
Nearby there’s the POI “Murales dello stadio comunale”
The POI was candidated on the empty S17 cell, so it should appear at least in PoGo (for Ingress I believe it is too close to the other one)… was it moved by Niantic during the appeal? Did it got stuck somewhere in the approval process?
Could someone please verify?
Thank you very much

I checked and this was moved inside the cell where “Murales dello stadio comunale” is located. Also as is located less than 20m far from that wayspot it won’t appear in Ingress too.
Also, to be honest, it seems to be a vandalistic tag, it doesn’t meet any criteria.

This was accepted before the recent clarifications. The team was approving these earlier. It should not be the case now. I have retired the Wayspot.


It is more of a nod to the city (Bellinzona), written with the colours of the soccer team uniforms than a random/vandalistic tag (as explained in the original appeal). But oh well, it is what is I guess