Poi at ineligible place

Jönsbergska idrottskolas volleybollplan

This poi is named Jönsbergsa idrottskolas volleybollplan, wich says in Swedish it is volleybollplan belonging to a school with sportsprofile that is named Jönsbergska. This certain school is a school for children between 10-15 years old. Website for the school, and information about the different classes:
Localisation for the school on googlemaps:

The school started 2005, and this area has belonged to the school ever since the start. So this place havent been a legit place for poi for as long as Niantic has existed. The school have about 330 students, wich study with different types of sportsprofile. Not all of the education are located close to the school, since they dont have a golfcourse or any larger arena. But its safe to say, that volleybollplan, footballplan and basketcourt belongs to the school. I have attached a photo with sateliteview over the area, the location of the school is also visible.

Thanks for the appeal @amaterasu00 After reviewing the additional evidence provided, we’ve decided to retire the Wayspot in question.

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