POI change needed

When submitting a Wayspot Appeal, make sure to include as much of the following information as possible:

  • Wayspot Title: Alexandra arms
  • Location (lat/lon): (google code) 9PFR+JR Rugby
  • City: Rugby
  • Country: UK
  • Screenshot of the Rejection Email **unable to post screenshot)
  • Additional Information (if any): the location as it is in the game shows the alex as alexandra arms (the pub) it hasnt been the alexandra arms for a few years now and instead been art at the alex or alexandra art, as such the location needs replacement photo name change and description change, the fact that this change has been rejected several times proves to me that no one in my local area is actually revewing the changes as they would know the change has taken place

If the location has changed from a pub to an art gallery, you’re expected to report the pub as invalid for no longer existing, and then submit the art gallery as a new nomination. Attempting to repurpose an existing wayspot for what is effectively something different (even if both places are valid under the criteria and are at the same location) is not the correct way to go about things.

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I realize that removing a Pokething can cause huge in game issues - routes, gyms, power-ups, showcases, etc. - but that is not a concern for the Wayfarer team. Attempting to “repurpose” a Wayspot can be considered abuse, so don’t do it. I too like to keep the game board updated and accurate, but there can be such a penalty to Pokemon Go play when a game location is removed that I understand when players choose to leave things alone.