POI in wayfarer app

Are all the POI’s in the Wayfarer app not being imported over to the games?
Will they be at a later time or should they be re-submitted?

Here are 2 examples:
SMPA South Adult Field 34.276508, -86.222944
SMPA West Youth Field 34.276579, -86.226901

Wayspots can take a couple of days until they appear into the games. If you resubmit, they will be marked as duplicates, as they already appear in the database.

These have been in wayfarer app for several months now

They even have some scans on them.

They asked us not to use the Wayfarer App on the old forum. These may or may not import to the Niantic games. People who do have legitimate access to the app as developers and/or ambassadors have reported that some do but most don’t. @NianticTintino is the one who asked us not to use the app to submit Wayspots, so maybe he can answer your question. But I would not count on these ever showing in Niantic games, and as @Siinnie already said, they would be marked as duplicates if resubmitted through the games.