Map finding

Hello! Where I may find a map like that what shows it, that which one pokestop is duplicate? So the Wayfarer is accepted but does not appear in a game. The Ingress map is not good
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Despite its utility as a great way to see what is in the lightship database, Niantic has asked that only Ambassadors and Developers use the Niantic Wayfarer app they created and continue to threaten the demise of.

When this app is no longer available, it will be a major blow to the developers who are using it as a valuable tool to observe what wayspots exist that have not synced to any game.


thank you :wink:

i have one more question, i have this pokestop but not in game and i cant see in this Niantic Wayfarer app. Why?

It’s definitely there. It’s in the same Level 17 S2 Cell and within 20 metres of another Wayspot with the same title though, which is why it can’t appear in Pokémon Go or Ingress respectively.

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No. Board like this there are a lot in my city and this is not in the game or the app

If you don’t believe @hankwolfman you will have to ask Pokémon Go support.

Good luck… :+1:

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That is the same photograph as the one @hankwolfman found in the app

but what hankwolfman posting is not the same area where i creating this pokestop

Then it was moved during review

and its not a same pohot if you see :wink:

What about it is different? It looks exactly the same to me, but maybe I missed something.

This is the photo in bigger size. It looks to be the same one as yours.

@ElSabor3D did you make multiple wayspot submissions on the day you submitted this particular wayspot, and was one of them at the actual museum? I can see the location you initially submitted does seem to be correct based on what I can see on street view, and reviewers aren’t capable of editing the location by nearly 5km during review, so something has definitely gone wrong here.

thats wierd because i did one picture of this table and i create one pokestop and that area what wolfman post

no i did just one wayspot i think. why if i did few wayspot one day thats problem?

yeah same picture i dont know why? but you see i make another area this wayspot not what you show me

You can see the exact address in @hankwolfman’s picture if you have maybe had a few Dreher and the pictures are blurring together.

If you submitted multiple nominations in pogo without moving the pin and without backing out of the menu, your location will not update between nominations.

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