Pokemon go stop not appearing.. can anyone with ingress help?

I submitted a stop and it got accepted into Pokemon go. Last time it happened it didn’t appear because it was in some ingress cell (I don’t understand ingress lol). Can someone with an ingress map confirm that it will appear in game and isn’t taken up by anything in some ingress cell?

For context… this was approved 24 hours ago so I just want to know if I have to wait another day or if it won’t appear at all

Ingress doesn’t take away pokestops so I am not sure what you mean by that. I don’t see a portal at that location yet either. Check for your pokestop again in about half an hour from now. I think someone said that PoGo didn’t sync yesterday and is too early for today’s sync. Since it is a weekend, it may be Monday before you see it if there is a server issue of some sort.

Awesome thank you! And sorry if I worded it weirdly. I made a post last week saying my new pokestop wasn’t visible for 30 days, and it was because it was in a cell being taken up by stops so it couldn’t be added to pogo.

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I can confirm that this wayspot is on the Lightship map.