Pokestop disappeared

If the edits are abusive, you can report them using the Report Abuse form that’s linked at the top of the forum.

If they’re legitimate edits to improve the accuracy of wayspots, that’s not abusive.


He edit about 3-5metters to another cell, a report but ain accept

This breaks my heart for you. I understand your feelings and I have had the very same feeling before. The rules are what they are. Personally, I like to let babies and small animals stay sleeping if they are not bothering anyone.

It doesn’t sound like in your situation, this POI was interfering with the flow of pedestrian traffic or bothering the private property. But again, like said before. There are some people that look through the map and drive around town looking for POI’s to remove.

Not what I would ever do, but they are within the rules of the game.

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@NianticAaron I was just tagged on another situation where y’all restored an LFL that I would have considered as being on prp.

Did y’all ever look at this request?

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Move the LFL to the grassy area between the sidewalk and the street if your city allows it. At least in my area, that land belongs to the city and a wayspot on that land may be eligible if you can show evidence of that and meet all other eligibility requirements.

There are players who feel a need to rigidly enforce the rules, including on well loved wayspots which existed before the rule existed.

It’s sad, but people don’t consider who is hurt by their actions.

I know almost no one with a LFL in front of their house whi wouldn’t want pokémon players to visit their LFL (and I know a fair number of LFL owners)

Until there is a raid and a bunch of players are standing on their lawn.