Pokestop never spawned during reset

Bug Reports should include the following and any additional information you feel is necessary to aid in the investigation of the bug.

  • Description of the issue

This waypoint was in an open cell and was accepted. It fits all inclusions rules in both Pokemon go and ingress. Waypoint was never put into game after reset and it has been over a 2 weeks since it has been accepted

  • Date first (or most recently) experienced

5/23/24 to present.

  • Device type, model, and operating system
    iPhone 14 Pro Max on the latest IOS
  • Game & Game Version (if applicable)
    Pokemon go
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The Wayspot is not in the database. It might say it was accepted, but it isn’t there now.

Out of curiosity, is the picture that you used for the wayspot your own picture, or is it one taken from the internet? I can’t find an exact match, but Google is finding several similar photos online, and if you happen to have used a third party photo, that could be a reason why it’s been removed.

That is a picture I took myself. It is not a third party picture :confused:

Not third party photo. Should have spawned.

Just thought I’d ask, as like I say, there are similar photos on the internet.

I’m not sure why it no longer exists in the database in that case. I’m assuming I’m looking in the correct location and it should’ve been in the building to the north of Hyde Park Pergola?

Actually, one other question. Did you do multiple submissions that day?

This is not correct. The waypoint does exist in the database.

That’s good to hear. Is there something else that’s stopping it from appearing in game?

@hankwolfman @roli112 Sorry for the confusion. I pushed it live just now. There was an issue that needed to be sorted. This should explain why @hankwolfman did not find it in the database.

@DrAustin1134 Please allow a few days and the Wayspot would appear if it’s eligible to appear on the gameboard.


Yup, I’m guessing @roli112 saw it after the fix was applied. I can see it now myself. Thanks for the quick fix :slight_smile:


Thank you for the clarification. I understand the concern, but I want to highlight that my friend is new here and was genuinely seeking help. Instead of warmly welcoming a new Wayfarer, he felt accused of cheating. It’s this kind of misunderstanding that can give the community a bad reputation. I personally coached him through the photo submission process, and we made sure everything was done correctly. I kindly ask that we avoid jumping to conclusions with new Wayfarers in the future. Thanks for you time and understanding.

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I had something like this happen - in March 2022! Want to reassure the OP that this is not a standard thing that happens, and encourage them to post again if they have anything else weird.


I didn’t read it as an accusation - more that someone was checking for a potential reason for removal, so they could advise accordingly! Someone new may not realise they have to take a photo themselves, if they’ve seen an excellent one online that they think would represent it well for example.

Glad it’s all sorted of course, and hopefully your friend read the question in the same way I did!