Wayspot not showing up in Pokémon Go

Pokémon Go 0.315.1-A-64 iOS 17.5.1

I have 2 approved wayfarer locations from early last week (5/19/24)that are missing in Pokémon go. They do not appear at all. The rough location for the spots is within 2 blocks of Latitude: 36.748286 | Longitude: -94.84505.

Any help would be appreciated.

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“World War II Memorial”, “Fairland Tennis Court”, and “Lions club pavillion” are all in the same level 17 s2 cell, so they will not all sync to pogo.

I haven’t checked when “Fairland City Park” was accepted, but it should sync to both pogo and ingress. E: actually, this was probably a CotW import, so should be in pogo, but will not sync to ingress

“Fairland Community Playground” is within the same level 17 s2 cell and 20m of “Garden Club Pavillion”, so will not sync to pogo or ingress.

So what would be the best way to solve this? How big are the blocks? I didn’t realize there was a distance limit, most of those things are larger than where the point is, could they be moved slightly to fix it?

This should help give you a little bit of perspective. It doesn’t show the existing wayspots because they’re not on the map I’m using here, but to show you the size of the cells it should work OK. The green patch is Fairland Park and those grid lines are the Level 17 S2 Cells. Each of those can only contain one Pokéstop or one Gym.

That’s awesome! Thank you! Where can I find these in the future to make sure I don’t run into an issue again?

Most people recommend IITC with Pokémon Go addons for viewing cells. It’s much better than the map I used for that demonstration. I just don’t have IITC set up myself.