Approved Wayspot not appearing in Pokemon GO

Description of the issue: An approved Wayspot named “Decorative Pergola Signature Pointe” (47.3750472, -122.2552750) is not appearing in the Pokemon GO game, despite being accepted in the Niantic Wayfarer society on July 30, 2023. The Wayspot is likely not showing up due to its close proximity to another Pokestop within the same S2 cell.

I kindly request assistance with moving this Wayspot to the neighboring S2 cell directly to the south, which is currently empty and would be an ideal location for the Decorative Pergola Signature Pointe POI. This will help maintain a balanced distribution of Pokestops in the area and greatly benefit the local Pokemon GO community.

Date first (or most recently) experienced: The issue was first noticed on July 30, 2023, immediately after the Wayspot was approved in the Niantic Wayfarer system.

Device type, model, and operating system:

  • iPhone 12 Pro Max, iOS 15.6

Game & Game Version: The issue pertains to the Pokemon GO game, version 0.251.2.

When I originally nominated the “Decorative Pergola Signature Pointe” Wayspot, there were no Pokestops in the surrounding area. However, my initiative and dedication to exploring and submitting new POIs inspired other trainers to follow suit, resulting in the creation of several new Pokestops nearby. As a result, the S2 cell where my nominated Wayspot was supposed to appear has since been occupied by another POI. I am reaching out to request manual intervention to move my Wayspot to the nearest available cell, as I strongly believe in preserving all the Pokestops created by our passionate community while ensuring a fair distribution of these valuable in-game resources.

Please find the attached map. I would be grateful for any assistance in moving the Wayspot one S2 cell to the sout to resolve this issue.

Thank you for your attention and support in this matter. Please let us know if you require any further information or clarification.

Attachments: [the map image]

Additional information: We have attached a map of the area, outlining the relevant S2 L14 and L17 cells and marking the existing Pokestops in different colors:

  • Yellow: Pokestops previously created by local trainers
  • Red: Pokestops that existed before recent initiatives
  • Purple: New Pokestops added by other trainers
  • Blue: The location of the approved Decorative Pergola Signature Pointe Wayspot

First, great job getting involved and enthusiastic.

But Wayfarer is about marking things where they actually exist. Any attmept to move them off of their real world location for the purpose of making them appear in a game is considered abuse. Abuse like this can lead to all of your Niantic accounts (games and Wayfarer) being suspended or even banned for 10 years.

Sometimes abuse like this flies under the radar for a short time so communities fall into the habit of doing it. But please know that Niantic almost always finds this kind of manipulation and punishes those involved. Don’t lead your community down this path. There’s so much good to be done through Wayfarer. Focus on the positive!


Thank you for your response, for your appreciating my enthusiasm and the warning about the unacceptability of abusing the Wayfarer system.

I completely agree that the purpose of Wayfarer is to mark objects where they actually exist, and I am by no means encouraging manipulation or deception.

I greatly value my opportunity to be involved in creating the game environment and cherish my reputation and the good standing of my account. I have no intention of violating any rules and do not wish to be excluded from the game. I’m putting on the map only genuinely existing objects.

Allow me to clarify the situation in more detail. The nominated Wayspot “Decorative Pergola Signature Pointe” is located at the intersection of several S2 cells (not just two, but even three adjacent cells). Given the size and configuration of the pergola itself, it organically fits into any of these cells.

This is precisely why I am reaching out to you with a request to consider this particular case in more detail. My goal is not to move the Wayspot to an arbitrary point for the sake of game mechanics, but rather to find the most appropriate location within the area actually occupied by the object.

I would be very grateful if you could take a closer look at the location of the “Decorative Pergola Signature Pointe” and assist in selecting the optimal cell association that most accurately corresponds to the real-world coordinates of the object.

I sincerely share the vision of Wayfarer as a platform for constructive activity and mapping of significant real-world objects. I look forward to a meaningful dialogue to resolve this issue within the rules and values of Wayfarer.

Thank you for your understanding and support.

Best regards,

mod note: redacted for email signature/personal info

You would have to move it to here for it to appear in a free cell. Even if the pergola covered a much larger area and the new position was also viable as a location I don’t think it would be moved.

I’m pretty sure this won’t be moved.

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This doesn’t matter to Niantic or Wayfarer. If it’s correctly placed on the object, there is no need to move it


Thank you for respond.
In fact, the object is located at the intersection of several cells, and it is marked on the map slightly higher than it actually is in reality. It seems that a difference of a few meters has determined whether it appears on the in-game map or not. Unfortunately, the adjacent cells have since been occupied by other wayspots. I have been trying to resolve this issue for over a year now, which is why I decided to bring it up here, hoping to find a solution or at least some clarity on the matter.

As noted by SeaPrincess earlier, moving something that’s already correctly placed just to benefit one game can be considered Wayfarer abuse.

As far as Niantic are concerned, it’s on the object. Not all Niantic games use cells for determining if the Wayspot appears.

In this instance, there is nothing that can be done, as the pin is already on the object.


It looks fine where it is.


I understand your position and agree it’s not good idea to moving an object to gain advantages in the game.

I am deeply saddened that, unfortunately, it will not be possible to resolve this issue, and there will be a glaring gap without a Pokestop in this location, even though it is definitely the most fitting place for one.

My intention is not to violate any rules or manipulate the system. I respect the principles of Wayfarer.

Thank you for the clarifications and constructive dialogue.

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Looks like everything is good but pokestop not appearing in Pokemon GO so far.

It looks a little higher on the map than it really is

That map shows the location that you submitted. It doesn’t necessarily show the location that was actually accepted. Remember that reviewers can edit locations during reviews if they see that the nomination is not quite in the correct place. Also remember that the map may differ slightly between that view and satellite view. Everything seems to be correct with the wayspot as the others have said.


I want to thank everyone for having a constructive dialog about this issue. Trust me, I’ve been frustrated by this very issue before. Unfortunately, there’s no way around it.


That image is it’s exact location in the middle of the pergola.

Don’t take this the wrong way but there are plenty of Wayspots in the area to make Go playable most of which you probably added :slight_smile:

Is spending a year trying to get one extra stop which really wouldn’t change the game much worth the hassle?

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I am disappointed that it is not possible to resolve the issue with the Pokestop that was approved a year ago but has still not appeared in Pokémon GO.
I want to thank everyone, and since the issue cannot be resolved, I would like to express my gratitude to all community representatives for their responses and willingness to help, as we are all interested in developing our community. Unfortunately, I cannot make any changes to the location of the requested Pokestop or influence its appearance in Pokémon GO. Instead, I will direct my efforts towards creating new Pokestops nearby.

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There’s a glaring gap in this location where a Pokestop could have been. While it’s true that my area has plenty of Pokestops for comfortable gameplay, and I didn’t create all of them myself, I was surprised to discover new ones. These were added by an unknown Pokemon trainer who nominated spots I had missed or those that were rejected for me. I’m trying to get this particular Pokestop to appear not just for myself, but also to show this trainer that they’re not alone. The work we began to enrich our local area with Pokestops should be completed. It’s important to me that we finish what we started and create a fully developed gameplay environment for our community.

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You might be able to find them? Keep an eye out for any shifty characters taking pictures of mundane items.

On the bright side at least you are not the type of 1d1ot who sees something is in a free cell and submits it. Walks five minutes, see something else and thinks this cell is free… :face_with_peeking_eye:

I meant to suggest something during my earlier comment, but I forgot. When I was looking at your area, I happened to notice that the Wayspot for the playground contains a person in the photo. It would probably be a good idea to submit a new photo for this wayspot that doesn’t contain any people, and then once that is approved, you can ask Niantic to delete the existing photo with the person in it.

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