Pokestop was deleted

Had a Pokestop for about a year now and suddenly it has disappeared without any notice? Anyone have any idea how I can find out how or why?

What was it out of curiosity? It may have been reported and removed from the Niantic map or moved and no longer meets inclusion rules for Pokémon GO

It was a little free library, which I’m fairly certain if you have one on your property you are ok with passerbys on a semi-regular basis

It may have been classified as being on single family private residential property, so that would fall under not being eligible, but I can’t say without seeing where it is/was.


For the purposes of swapping books? Sure. For the purposes of Ultra Striking a Portal or hanging around at a Lure? Maybe not so much. Regardless though, whether the property owner is or is not OK with it isn’t really relevant. Niantic has rules for their database, and one of those rules is that they don’t want things in the database that are on single family private residential property. So if this was on single family private residential property, it was correctly removed.