Mass removal ow wayspot in Wroclaw city center (old town market square)

So yesterday and today probably hundret! Pokestops in city center of Wrocław was removed. It was walkable only old town square and place around full of real interesting PoI. Only gyms and some single pokestops are still in area.

  • Location +-1km from (51.1095619, 17.0307916)
  • City:wrocław
  • Country: Poland

I believe Niantic has been trying to clean up some past abuses in the area. They do this by clearing all current wayspots and then letting each game (Ingress, Pokémon Go, Pikman Bloom, Peridot, and MHNow) use their density / proximity rules to repopulate the game boards.

You may see different waystops than before but they should adhere to proximity rules now.

Also Welcome @ArataAoki. We love questions and you may have more about this. Folks here will do our best to answer.


We have some suspicions about the activities of a certain group of players. We have heard about them (or him [multi-account] from other communities that they force the removal of pokestops that have been there since the beginning of the game as revenge for not accepting them into the community. From what we know in real life, one of these individuals is very unpleasant, he even tries to he uses cash bribes and if someone disagrees with him, he takes revenge in the game. He also searches for the location and residence of ambassadors and moderators in gyms/showcases and removes everything around them, forcing the wayfarer system to delete it By chance, a few events happened that were not accidental. Our entire group dispersed after the events and only one person remained on site to keep an eye on them.

Btw. Only pokestops within the range of fixed Campfire encounters have been removed. No other.

btw. we are another city that fell victim to them.

next pokestops have been deleted…

I believe niantic is cleaning the gameboard. They probably found an abuse cluster with a lot of waypoints violating the inclusion rules. They may have gotten player reports of invalid locations but got to the point they did an audit. I don’t think this is the first time Poland has been audited by the wayfarer team.

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And literally entire neighborhoods have been flying at the same time every day for 3 days without exception? Literally everything

All the wayspots still exist in the database, I had a look at the area earlier when this was reported on The Silph Road subreddit. So this isn’t a case of malicious reporting by an individual, as if it was the work of an individual reporting wayspots as invalid, then they’d be entirely removed from the database, which is not what has happened.

As has been the case in other locations in Poland, it seems like there was previously wayfarer abuse that resulted in a density of Pokéstops and Gyms that was in excess of what the standard rules of one Pokéstop or Gym per Level 17 S2 Cell would permit. In response to this abuse, Niantic has been cleaning up the affected areas. To do this, they temporarily remove all the Pokéstops and Gyms in the affected area, and then allow the area to synchronise with the database again, thus ensuring that the one Pokéstop or Gym per Level 17 S2 Cell rule is correctly applied to the area.