Pokestops near me got removed

A bunch of pokestops recently disappeared from the map from a nearby well known hiking trail and nature preserve. This happened today, I can’t tell if it’s a glitch on my part or what but I went on campfire and I still see the gyms there. If they really did get removed that’s really devastating cause it took me so long to get these trail markers and other stops accepted. What can I do to see them again? I live in such a rural area it was basically my only way of playing without running out of balls constantly and only being able to catch 20 mons a day from gifts. What happened to them? Please help

It’s fascinating how one of the remaining wayspots, “Steel Rock Nature Preserve Map”, is actually a map of Hillside Farm, at 397 Nettleton Hollow Rd, Washington, CT 06793. Makes me think that “Hilly Acres Public Farm and Delilahs Sanctuary” isn’t there either.

As for the other Steep Rock Association wayspots, well, their website talks about a bunch of places:

  • Steep Rock Preserve, at 2 Tunnel Rd, Washington Depot, CT 06794
  • Hidden Valley Preserve, at 198 Bee Brook Rd, Washington Depot, CT 06794
  • Macricostas Preserve, at 124 Christian St, New Preston, CT 06777
  • West Mountain Preserve, at 37 West Mountain Road,
    Washington, CT 06793 and 397 Nettleton Hollow Rd, Washington, CT 06793

So it seems like they need to update their website to include 76 Carmel Hill Rd, Washington, CT, 06793.

I completely understand where you’re coming from. Steep rock has tons of places all over Connecticut. This isn’t one of the more popular areas but people still come here. I can record proof and give it to niantic which I 100% would but I don’t know where I can do that.

their website seems pretty detailed but didn’t mention “tons of places”

weird how the rail tunnel which is definitely at one of the named locations on the website was the supporting photo for this memorial bench at the location of these removed wayspots.

can you see why it looks like you’ve faked these?



Bro can you stop harassing me. I’m looking for help not negative feedback. That was a stop that didn’t get accepted because I forgot to set location by accident. Yes that is at the one in the Washington depot spot. Please read this

As I’ve said there a bunch of steep rock preserves in my town. More than just the main ones

so only the memorial bench and the trail map are fake?

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I mean, it’s good to see that they at least went to Steep Rock Preserve to take the supporting photo!

Surely they did go to Steep Rock Preserve rather than stealing the supporting photo off the internet?


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Didn’t want to steal a local bench though?

The memorial bench was never accepted because I was submitting stops from my house with previous pictures and stuff I took before. Yes the tunnel picture is online because I forgot to grab surrounding area. After it got rejected I looked and saw that I didn’t set the area to where it should be over at Washington depot. For the map I honestly don’t know I think one of my friends could’ve faked that. I never saw it until recently.
For all the others yes they are 100% real as this document shows proof aswell. Can you please stop trying to convince everyone here and on Reddit that it’s fake and not actually helping. I’m just trying to fix the pokestops I submitted that are REAL

Oops, the map picture that’s still in pogo is also stolen!

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Sorry those were most likely my friends. I submitted all the trail markers

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well it seems at least about the ownership of that land you were indeed being truthful, took me a while to find the right GIS for this plot

the map and bench both being faked (yes I’m sure it was your friend) isn’t a good look though. and these seem to be boundary markers primarily indicating the no hunting part. are there any trails here? these signs don’t mention such.

but if you post geotagged photos of each sign Niantic will possibly reinstate them. the exact placement of each in a unique cell is rather convenient to say the least.

I apologize for not checking GIS first. this is the fourth time I’ve reported a cluster in Connecticut based on an obvious fake found in review. all prior times I checked GIS first and it confirmed the land was private residential and there was additional clear evidence that the wayspots were faked. this time seemed no different but I should have checked before reporting. again I’m sorry for that.

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