Disappearing pokestop

I’ve noticed a nearby pokestop and a route that had the start/end point there, has been removed. I recently edited the photo as the play park was updated/renewed and the photo was accepted but now a couple of days later the stop and route have completely gone. Does anyone have an idea as to why?

Can you provide the name and coordinates of the Wayspot?

How do I do that? Sorry I’m a bit of a noob lol

Routes get archived if the pokestop / gym at either end is removed from the game, or moved to a different location. As for why the stop was removed, you’d have to provide more info for people to be able to answer that.

Moving the Wayspot doesn’t archive a route :slight_smile:

It remains but takes a few days to show the correct new location/ distance of the route etc

Hello @emilou090911
If you can give the full address of the wayspot and its title it will enable us to look and see if it has completely gone.

Routes are not a Wayfarer issue, but if either the end or start wayspot goes then so does the route.
I’m going to edit the title a little to make it clear that the issue we are helping with is the wayspot.

Huh, could have sworn I saw something mention location edits would also trigger routes being archived. Maybe only applies to edits that cover a large distance?

I guess if it was over 19 to 20km a location edit wouldn’t work.
I don’t know if I could convince help chat to move something 21km just to see what would happen :thinking:

Hi the stop name was De Lucy play area, the coords are roughly 52.3776263, 1.0996021
The address is De Lucy close, Diss, Norfolk IP22

The Wayspot still exists but it’s in the same cell as Richard De Lucy.

Have both always been in Go and then the Play Park was moved and disappeared?

The route doesn’t show on Campfire either.

There were 2 there about 70ish metres apart, one named DeLucy Close with the road sign as the picture and the one missing DeLucy play area which had the start/end point for the route ‘round the houses’. It was a route I made ages ago and has been in use for a while

The play park hasn’t moved, it was demolished and rebuilt with new equipment but in the exact same spot, that’s why I updated the photo to show the changes in the play equipment

I’m not sure what happened but they are both in the same cell now.

Does that affect things then? Is it only one to a cell?

Yes. Probably you see some places with more than one pokestop in a cells. That’s the result of some abuses made in the past.

I’m guessing the play park was down a wee bit meaning you could use both in Go.

You created your route from it, someone moved the play park and the route was archived as the play park isn’t in Go anymore.

So it just disappears after 8 years out of the blue, coincidentally 1-2 days after I edit the photo ? Seems a little odd but it is what it is I suppose. The play park footprint hasn’t changed, just the equipment in it

It’s difficult to say without knowing exactly what happened.

I can’t think of another reason it would show then not without someone moving it’s location.

Maybe it was off by enough that your photo edit caused someone to move it?

Did you just put in a standard photo edit through the game?

Ok, thanks for your support anyway. I’ve submitted a report to niantic asking for clarification as well, in case they removed it as opposed to a wayfarer issue