Pokestops wrongly deleted

Hello everyone, I’m writing on behalf of my community. As of today, I received messages from my community that approximately 92 pokestops in permitted locations have disappeared. There have been similar incidents before, even before I started serving as an ambassador in my region. This is a special report by a person who has been removed from the community for frequently breaking the rules. As a result, this person takes revenge by reporting random pokestops. On behalf of the Pokemon Go Lublin community, I am asking for support and kindly requesting the restoration of pokestops that were important for my community due to numerous meetings as well as their location in the form of sculptures, plaques, memorial sites of famous compatriots and people historically important to the city and local community.

Do you have names for any of the removed stops? Were they removed from Ingress also, or just in Pokemon Go? A few days ago there was a thread about this happening in a different city in Poland and the response was that it was temporary. Perhaps something similar happened in Lublin.

This is a link to a topic dealing with a similar instance in Poland.

I am moving this to the Wayspot Appeals category. You might want to read the other post first, but if you have further details please do provide.