Appeal against removed Pokestops and gyms at 3 Universities and the historic cemetery (Lublin, Poland)

Dear Niantic Team,

Many players from my city have been protesting for several days due to the removal of a significant number of pokestops in two locations in the center of Lublin, the capital of the Lublin Voivodeship, Poland.

The first location (51.245517,22.541628 - the most common meeting place for players) is the so-called Miasteczko Uniwersyteckiego, so called because there are three universities located there. This is an extremely popular game location for many players, where there are Pokestops such as memorial sites, commemorative plaques, sculptures, monuments to people associated with science and figures important to the local community. Among the removed university areas is the Maria Curie-Skłodowska University, the largest in the eastern part of Poland. As you know, the name comes from a famous scientist associated with Lublin, who was the only person in history to receive two Nobel Prizes in two different disciplines.

The second of the removed universities is the John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin. It is called so because Pope John Paul II taught there, just before his election as pope.

The second location (51.243736,22.549438 - center of the area) is the area of the historical necropolis in Lublin. POIs such as places of worship of Three Different Religions have been removed in the cemetery! Because Lublin has always been a place of peaceful coexistence of followers of different religions. In addition, in the removed area there were memorial sites for those who died in the national uprising in 1863, those who died in World War I and those who died in World War II. Several objects were the graves of people historically important to the city and the local community. At the same time, the Philharmonic and the Center for the Meeting of Cultures were removed.

Due to the fact that the removal of these pokestops and gyms ruined the game for trainers from a large city, I am asking on behalf of the local community and myself to restore the two locations described above to the game.

Here are the names and coordinates of several of the almost hundred deleted pokestops:
Statua Marii Curie-Skłodowskiej - 51.245517,22.541628

ACK UMCS Chatka ┼╗aka - 51.245259,22.537882

Pomnik Jana Pawła II KUL - 51.247467,22.544729

Monument Uniwersytetu Przyrodniczego w Lublinie - 51.243804,22.541169

Wydział Filozofii i Socjologii - 51.24505,22.540895

Kaplica Cmentarna na Lipowej - 51.243941,22.545506

Filharmonia im. Henryka Wieniawskiego w Lublinie - 51.24613,22.548332

Cerkiewka na Cmentarzu - 51.243736,22.549438

Krzyz Poleglym Zolnierzom - 51.244139,22.547772

P┼éyta pami─ůtkowa cmentarza ┼╝ydowskiego - 51.244643,22.552065

and many more.

Kind regards.

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Removal of these Pok├ęStops/Gyms is a temporary measure and a part of our anti-abuse drive. The locations you have mentioned were abused to create clusters. The Wayspots eligible to appear in Pok├ęmon GO will be back soon on the gameboard. Thanks,