Massive disappearance of valid Wayspots (Częstochowa, Poland)

Hello, please check what could have happened that during the night dozens of correct places in the park, where most often people play together, were removed (only pokemon go gyms, in ingress at the moment portals still exist)

  • Wayspot Titles: below
  • Location (lat/lon): various
  • City: Częstochowa
  • Country: Poland
  • Additional Information (if any):

I expect it’s some accidental error in the database, because if it’s a deliberate act by someone to remove the correct POIs then welcome back to the fairy tale.

Please restore all missing places. Thank you.

List of removed Wayspots:

Mural Cyklop
Plac zabaw
Tajemnica I. Jasna Góra
Zegar Słoneczny
Lokomotywa Kopalniana Skoda Bnd30
Regulamin Parku Staszica
Rzeźba siedzącej dziewczyny
Tajemnica V.Jasna Góra
Totus Tuus
Rzeźby Świętych
Pomnik Stefana Wyszyńskiego
Mozaika przy wejsciu do Klasztoru
Jubileusz Roku 2000
Wejście Do Klasztoru
Jasna Góra - tablica
Częstochowa Jasna Góra Brama
Rodzice Jana Pawła II
Mapa Przy Campingu
Stacja V Cyrenejczyk Pomaga Dźwigać Krzyż Jezusowi
Kiosk Poczty Polskiej
Figury Jasnogórskie
Człowiek Zawierzenia
Stoliki Szachowe przy Trasie Jasnogórskiej
Tablica Informacyjna “Jasne, że Częstochowa”
Dąb Papieski, Jasna Góra
Figura Matki Boskiej
Mural Spiżarnia
Herb Gry Planszowe
Częstochowa - Zabytkowa Kamienica Ul. Siedmiu Kamienic 21
Tajemnica II.Jasna Góra
Rzeźba Ryby
Obserwatorium Astronomiczne
Publiczna Biblioteka Pedagogiczna
Płaskorzeźba Maryja
Kaplica św.Józefa
Pamięci rozstrzelanym w Katyniu w 1940r
Częstochowa it’s clear
Ozdobna Pokrywa Studzienki
Z Drewna Zrobiony Krzyż Ten Pielgrzyma Jest Cały
Ptasia stołówka - tablica edukacyjna

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That’s a lot of POI, do they have anything in common? It might be that an area has been blocked at the request of a properly owner or that they were submitted by a person or group that has been found to be abusing the system?
From what I can translate, they do seem to be quite a variety of things, not like the trailmarker mess that we have seen in other places. Hopefully a Wayfarer staff member can drop in and provide some better insight.

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Most are in a city park open 24/7…

You can see it at Ingress map around here:

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Poland has experienced a high level of inclusion criteria abuse, level 17 s2 cells are probably what many of them had in common, and it’s likely that several that meet inclusion criteria will resync.

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You can easily check that in this case most of the deleted was 1 per cell. This is strange, to say the least, because Czestochowa is not likely to be famous for abusing the system.

If it has been more than 48 hours since the Pokemon Go gyms were removed but the portals remain, it is likely that the property owner requested the removals. If Niantic removed them, the portals will disappear as well. Ingress does sync much later than PoGo - I think about 12 hours after currently - so check and see if they are gone in both games.

Or you could go start a nomination on site with Pokemon Go and use the toggle on the nomination map screen to see if the Wayspots are still there, just not showing in Pokemon Go.

I do hope someone from Niantic will look at this situation and confirm what happened. I am not sure who to tag though. They have been very good about checking this section!


This is a part of our anti abuse drive. This location was heavily abused to create clusters. This is a temporary removal. Wayspots that are eligible to appear in Pokémon GO will be back on the gameboard soon.


actual view of park in Ingress and Pokemon Go.

I have never encountered so many places removed from a municipal public park. It is certainly not at the request of the owner, which is the city and, in a way, the residents.

@NianticAaron Thank you for the information. Wayspots that have disappeared have been there for years, almost no new ones appear because there is nothing left in the park to submit… I’m surprised that the area is considered “heavily abused to create clusters”

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Great to see you are being more proactive in your replies and reassuring in your tone. Thank you for your improved communication.


can you do the same in Rzeszów? There’s huge cluster here

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