Portal distance off by about a mile. Cant recommend correct location

There is a portal that looks to be an original post office seed by niantic at the start of ingress.

Ive tried to use the location adjustment ingame but it keep snapping back to the portal location. is there a place/method to suggest these larger edits where the location submission cant be used to adjust?

You can reach out to help chat. They will help you. But IMO, it should be reported for removal. That’s fake technically.

A previous reply of mine for a similar issue:


Seed portals aren’t fake what are you talking about?

Niantic didn’t do any QA on the locations of course, but they’re all “real”

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I had something like this in my area and asked about how to do this before.

This is how I did it through help chat in wayfarer. The stop was legit, just in the complete wrong location.

Go to Wayfarer,

Then tap the 3 lines on the top left

Select Help

Then tap the chat Icon on the bottom right

Then select Wayspot Edits

Follow steps from there and that should do the trick.:+1:

If the wayspot is still the original and is just in the wrong place this should work.

But if the wayspot has changed, then your best bet, just to cover yourself, is report it and submit the new one in the correct location instead.

Hope this helps and works out for you.

Btw: I know it will say > 10m on it, but mine was off by about 5-600m and they sorted it out. Just make sure to have evidence that where you are requesting it to be moved to is legit. I was lucky as mine showed clearly on Google maps, but a geotagged photo should also do the trick.


The OP said that the object is over a mile away.

Misplaced does not mean the wayspot doesn’t exist. A Post Office is easy to identify and it will likely have existed for years. The help chat can help correct the location.


Misplaced by a mile is not really misplacement. I don’t expect help chat to move it.

It’s a real place. It’s easily identified. It’s an eligible wayspot. It can easily be fixed. I see no reason to report it as not real. Why not make it an accurate wayspot instead of bogging down the system with a bogus report?

@mainsails I recommend following the steps that @CountKnick detsiled in their post.


Misplacement is when the Wayspot is away by a few feet or meters. One mile is too big a distance to call it misplaced. That’s fake in my opinion because the object doesn’t exist in immediate neighborhood.

Since you don’t know the details here it is not appropriate to declare something as fake.
Some of the data used for the original “seed” portals was not necessarily accurate. Some were incorrectly located, so not fake (they actually exist) just a mistake.
Nothing wrong in this case with trying to correct a mistake.


That was my opinion. I have Nia remove Wayspots for being in different neighborhoods. 1 mile is too big a distance. Btw, I did recommend the OP to reach out to help chat

this is a very specific class of wayspots for which your opinion is incorrect

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Thanks for all the great feedback everyone :slight_smile: I’m sure there are other lost gems out in the middle of no where from original seeding which i figured this place would know best. I’ll check in with support and see what if anyhelp they can be.

I hope you can find something legitimate to nominate near the false post office location. Not required, but it would be nice to the gameboard and any who come thru there.

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We had one in middle of the ocean but it’s a wayspot added in Pogo when Niantic load wayspots from other BD … We move it by edit location and someone did the favor to move via chat i think, because some days later is located to the right place … there was far for more than 400m from the right place

It wasn’t a fake submit, the PoI was included by Niantic and then appears in Ingress. Not every PoI was submitted and accepted via Niantic’s apps… and it was a valid PoI, it doesn’t need to remove first when we can edit the location :eyes:

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