Private property

Hello, i hope I’m in the right category. Are nominations in private property eligible? And I don’t mean 30 metres down in the garden. But like when you walk down the street and its to your left just behind the fence surrounding the garden so it is easy to spot it immediately.

Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • anything on the property of a Single Family Private Residential Property (SFPRP) is not eligible
  • things in a Gated Community, Condominium, Apartment Building can be eligible if it is in a common area. For example playgrounds or gyms.
  • commercial property can have eligible items such as art pieces but may require people to pay for tickets or only be accessible by employees. Wayspots can still be eligible in these conditions

Note that for a wayspot to be eligible it also has to be within touching distance of a player. If there is a mural along the side of a roadway but there is no sidewalk this would mean it fails being accessible.


Single-family private residential properties (SFPRP), farms, and K-12 (schools or facilities primarily focused for persons under 18 years of age) are ineligible. This includes the outer facing facade, fence of these locations, and property boundaries.

I hope this helps. If you have a specific example please do raise it.


Examples would have been holy madonna in niches (house walls) or the one in my question would have been a holy madonna which would have been just behind the fence and it looks toward the street, which you could have even touched from there if it wasn’t protected by a wall of glass. But it should have answered my question, so thank you two

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