Private Residences, Farmland & K-12

Single-family private residential properties (SFPRP), farms, and K-12 (schools or facilities primarily focused for persons under 18 years of age) are ineligible. This includes the outer facing facade, fence of these locations, and property boundaries.

Objects in or upon apartment blocks, gated communities, or their shared spaces may be eligible assuming they otherwise meet criteria and are intended to be accessed by a community, even if not everyone. Communal spaces have the potential to be eligible locations for Wayspots: for example, a mural in an entrance foyer, an outdoor exercise area, or a dedicated social space.


:+1: A prominent artistic display on the outside wall or in a shared space of an apartment or otherwise shared dwelling building, like the one pictured above, are eligible.

:+1: Shared community spaces in multi-family residences and apartments like those above can be eligible.

Residential neighborhoods, if evidence supports it, may also contain non-private land that could be an eligible location for a wayspot.

**Easements, “right-of-ways,” and sidewalks are too broad to make a global statement on, but the guidance is the same as above - if it is part of a private residence, it is ineligible.