Process Change: Requesting Location Edits >10m

Hi folks,

First, I want to apologize for the confusion that arose in the wake of the restriction to location edits. From your feedback here (among other places) it’s clear that the process hasn’t been working as originally intended and I’m sorry for that.

I’ve talked to the team about the best way to address this and to streamline the process and they have modified the abuse form to be more focused on escalating issues in Wayfarer. Issues with photos, reports of abuse AND location edits more than 10m can now be submitted via Report an Issue.

Please refrain from submitting these in-app and here in the forum moving forward and leverage this form for the time being.

We are working with the Wayfarer team to consolidate all of these into the Wayfarer product itself, which will help to further streamline the process.

Thanks for understanding.
(originally posted September 2020)