Q for Niantic folks: Can Photos be moved between wayspots?

Sometimes I ask if a photo can be moved from one wayspot to another. In some locations, it is very easy to accidentally pick the wrong one to add a photo to.

Often the responses are in the form of “The photo has been removed.” And I have not been diligent in following up to see if the photo was actually moved to the correct wayspot.

There is a cluster of wayspots that I hope to work on soon that have a number of mistakes regarding duplicates and photos. And due to the nature of the objects, they may be the only historical photos of them in good condition, as they are exposed to the weather, animals, and vandals. I want to make sure these photos survive.

I know how to get the current primary photo for any item out of Lighthouse (the service that serves up the actual images). But not the secondary photos. At least not without getting enough upvotes on an image, waiting for it to become the primary, and so on. (Or doing a screen capture in the games, but those are not as good.)

But, I think these happen to be important enough to go through that effort to preserve them if necessary.

If I knew that my future requests will definitely preserve the photos, then I’ll just make use reporting. Otherwise I’ll try to do something else.

I’ve been doing prep work on getting them all properly named, described and located for the last several months. This next phase is going to be like playing a massive game of Untangle, and I don’t want to accidentally destroy any historical information.

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I don’t believe there is a way to move photos from one Wayspot to another, as this could be seen as abuse by Niantic, even if the photo is actually for another Wayspot. Removing inaccurate photos is most likely the only thing they can do, and it’s up to us to make sure we are uploading the correct photos for the correct Wayspots.

I’m not sure you will be able to get photos moved. You might have to dl the images then resubmit if you want to persevere them?

I think you might be able to view a Wayspots raw data in IITC which would give you a link to the picture maybe?

I guess technically that’s third party photo though so you’ll likely get banned🙃

Stock Intel and IITC can both get me links to the primary photo (on FF, right click on image, view in new tab, maybe add =s0 to the end of the URL to get the full version). But the secondary images are not exposed in anyway.

In additional to the possible banning, we also lose the original attributions.

To some extent, I think it is possible. After all, if a duplicate nomination is made, those images get added to the original wayspot.

But, I don’t know about points de-duped later (as well as the moves I’d like to request).

Case in point. Today I found these wayspots:

Fountain Of El Amigo

which is a duplicate of:
El Amigo Fountain

The second wayspot is in the correct location, but the photo has people in it. The duplicate is almost 100m off, but has a “better” photo (at least no people in it). So, when they are finally deduped, it would be great to keep the correct location with the better picture.