Any suggestions how to get around this?

Had a submission rejected as a duplicate even though I clearly explained on the appeal that it was not and why.

Granted I’m not happy with the original submission so I plan on resubmitting fresh.

Issue I’m facing is someone submitted our local train station. With a picture of a platform number sign. (Terrible photo and doesn’t even show the station) And unfortunately it got accepted but it is in ingress which I don’t really play so I have no access to submit a proper photo actually showing what the wayspot is meant to be which could have been easily done.

Our station is a listed building with several individual structures protected. Part of these are the platforms.

Is there any way to get a photo replaced when you are not in that game?

I’m reluctant to resubmit because I don’t want them getting rejected as a duplicate again even though they are completely separate.

Any advice appreciated.

Usually when a nomination is rejected as a duplicate, the photo will be added to the existing wayspot. If this photo is then given enough up votes, it will become the main photo for the wayspot. You would need people with Ingress accounts to do this as it doesn’t appear in Pokémon Go. You could also request that the old photo is removed, but whether Niantic will do that likely depends on whether they deem it low quality or not. You’d still need an Ingress account to show them which photo you want removing though.

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Ya, That’s the issue. I don’t think there is a single person playing ingress around here. I’ve tried it out but don’t really understand it and it isn’t my sort of game. Only thing I think I can try is use a different photo for the submission.

If I understand you correctly, the photo I submitted will be pulled from my submission and now added to the the other submission with the bad photo correct?

If that’s the case it’s going to make a bad situation worse and I may as well forget about the submission altogether.

That Wayspot will have both pictures if yours was marked as a duplicate.

The main current image, if it’s the bad one, would show as the image when reviewing.


Well that’s disappointing. Didn’t realise it would get added to the existing wayspot. (Even though the existing wayspot has noting to do with the photo on it) It’s frustrating.

The other wayspot (bad one) is The Rail Station and neither photo now is going to show any of said station. I was trying to add both platforms as each contains unique structures along them.

It’s a pity that wayfarer isn’t standalone on wayspots, that you could edit or correct no matter which game something appears in. Have a few around here that could do with improving but can’t do anything with them because they are in the wrong game. They are legit, just could be improved. This one being one of them. Don’t think I would have the patience to get to the right level in ingress to submit edits.


It’s kind of messy once you start down that rabbit hole of Wayspots intersecting with various games at different levels.

I have so many older bad Wayspot pictures nearby that will never move due to their age and the upvotes being locked in and not showing.


I agree with you. It’s disappointing though because it blocks out other good poi’s.