Recommendations for Identifying Level 17 S2 Cells

Howdy! I am wondering if there is any officially recommended app/plugin/etc. for being able to see these “level 17 s2 cells” that I have been coming across in my reading.

For context, I am new here and have been trying to learn how to go about wayfaring “properly”. When reading about nominating POI, I keep coming across posts talking about “level 17 s2 cells” and making sure that there aren’t too many POI in a cell and other stuff of that nature. So now I am curious about how to see these cells on a map app or something.

Thanks for your help!

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IITC with pogo-tools


Just a note that there is nothing “officially recommended”, those are all things found out, analyzed and developed by the community. However, the above are very, very helpful plugins.


For what it’s worth, Level 17 S2 Cells don’t play a part in Wayfarer specifically, and it’s completely possible to use Wayfarer properly without them. Wayfarer itself has no proximity rules. It’s only Niantic’s games that have proximity rules, and those determine which wayspots from the Wayfarer database are able to appear in which games. The Level 17 S2 Cell rule only applies to one specific game.

It can of course be useful to see these Cells so that you can better understand why a specific nomination isn’t able to show in Pokémon Go, but like I say, that’s specific to Pokémon Go. You can use Wayfarer properly without any knowledge of that.


Come on Wayfarer geeks we all know S2 cells have nothing to do with Wayfarer.

Why not close this thread too and really make it an uninviting forum full of whining pedants?


I think that is a result of the requested “better moderation” from the old forum. Now it is sometimes “over moderated”. But who I am

*and art snobs.


Yes, thank you! Better understanding is really all I am after. PoGO is my game of choice, so I wanted to get a good grasp of that whole system. I am just the type of person who enjoys taking deep dives into topics that interest me.

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Could you point me in the right direction of a tutorial or something that I could use for getting IITC set up with pogo-tools? Everything I have found so far is either too convoluted to follow, or just outdated. Please and thank you.

Exactly :slight_smile:

Thank you for affirming my point that discussions on a discussion forum lead to a healthier, more enjoyable forum for everyone*

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For mobile or desktop?

Android or iPhone?

I was meaning for mobile (iOS specifically), sorry for not clarifying; however, I finally found a resource that helped me get it figured out. So now I am g2g :slight_smile:


I don’t think I posted that, but you’re welcome nonetheless!

You did you just don’t realise. You are doing it now by us chatting like this :slight_smile:

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Sounds good (I like chatting)

Me too.

I’d rather you make fun of me calling you an art snob (correctly) than not at all.
I’d rather Ingress players with a common bond of Wayfarer had somewhere on here that they could moan about deleting each others portals.


Ooo when I saw the topic title I thought it might be a game of iSpy with different types of S2 cell🤪

I’ve seen a few lesser spotted S2level 20 :flushed:

If you wanna get in deep to the nerd stuff come check out the wayfarer discord. Unsure if I’m allowed to post a link here. I learned everything I know there. It’s the best.


This is what you want! You download the app, then an add-on. And to get them jn Ingress, they just have to be 20 meters or more from the closest portal.

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You can share a link. Why wouldn’t you be able to?

More discussion about a variety of things in different places without people pIssing their pants is a good thing

By people I mean Niantic staff, some Ambassadors and a few old Ingress relics still clinging onto the past.