Two Approved Pokéstop not showing after 5 dys

Please provide:

Here are some screen shots, There is a pokestop on the otherside of the playing field, but that should interfere right?
Also these are the only two waypoints i have ever made, maybe there is a bug on my account?

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“Voetbal kooi” and “Het Kroon Bankje” are both in the same level 17 s2 cell as “Speeltuin Klaverweide”.

Thanks for replying, how do i check that? so I wont waste my time creating these waystops.

IITC will show you a map of portals. Not all pokethings are portals, but most are. You can get plugins for it like pogo tools that draw s2 cells.

When nominating on-location in pogo, there is a toggle on the map which will show you stuff nearby. Sometimes, you may see things in that map which are not portals, since they don’t meet the Ingress inclusion criteria of 20 meters.


Sadly there is no official map. Theres one website that I use, but it’s only for the UK, and only for certain towns - so not much good to recommend as a generic tool.

I think a cell is around 80m square, so that gives you a rough guide in person.

Is this a good s2 cell map i can reference?

At their smallest, a level 17 s2 cell is 2,970.02 m^2, while at the largest, 6,227.43 m^2.

Community maintained maps may have inaccurate information about where things are located.

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That seems either very tiny or very huge (I’m in the UK so the command make those look like thousands of metres squared - I’m guessing you are using them like we use full stops, but then that seems tiny - a smaller distance than the Ingress portals, and I’m sure pokestops have to be further away than those usually.

(Also, I did say “I think” at the start, which would have been nice if you had used in your quote, as out of context it looks like I’m categorically stating that’s the size - which I wasn’t).

I’m not sure which part is problematic but I’ll type it out a bit and maybe that helps - level 17 s2 cells vary widely in size from under three thousand square meters to over six thousand square meters. Yes, that means the largest level 17 s2 cells are more than twice as big as the smallest ones.

Thank you. My 80m squared rough assumption is in line with the max size you’ve given, so not sure what the need to qualify it was all about. Are you male, perchance? 80 x 80 = 6,400 m^2 - I was trying to give the OP an easier eyeing distance rather than the total area of the cell, which is useless when you’re stood there trying to decide if it’s too close or not!

All of this info is practically useless when you’re standing right there because the sizes vary so widely. If you want to see level 17 s2 cells, use a map.

How did you see that so quickly though?
do you mind sharing a screenshot of what map you use?

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How can these stops be approved? are they nog in the same s2 cell?

It’s possible that the dividing line for the two cells goes right between them, in which case they would be both fine.