Red telephone bixes and post boxes in uk

Could the team please not review these? Especially if they were alresdynin normal voti g please? Ive just had a grv post box, an edward the viii (which i believe is bloody rare) amd a red telephone box that was also part of an iron trail rejected by “the team” for just “other rejection criteria”. The gr post box i can see being rejected, but the other 2 100% should have been accepted

Which box was it?

This kind

K6 but that’s a bad decision that was maybe based just on the box :confused:

Im pretty certwin it was just quick rejections, because as i said, had an edward the 8th, which im pretty sure is the rarest post box, rejected, even though it was in normal voting. More annoyed by the box as it sgould have been an easy pass that would have made a gym

So a company that shaped a whole town, city, country, kingdom, at the forefront of the iron industry, the biggest in Europe, made cannons for Waterloo, the Americans in 1812 and Catherine the great.

Made a large amount of the Postboxes and Phoneboxes, a lot of them will have Carron stamped on the base.

Some people from that city make a trail to highlight the company’s roots in Falkirk using the phone boxes that Carron made and have each one decorated individually with art depicting places, history and people in Scotland is rejected…

I’ll get my coat.

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To be fair, i maybe could have sold it better lol, i didnt know the whole iron teial thing (i googled it but nothing much came up and i only had abojt 15% battery left so had to move fast), but the fact it said iron trail on it should have been a selling point

Whats worse is i wont be able to resubmit it easily as its out of my range to resubmit, and im not goi b tk be falkirk dorection forna while (well, might be, dont know if perth is close enough lol)

Esto Perpetua ironically means let it be perpetual.

There is lots of history here


They kept 100 swans to do the weeding around the company :smile:

Such was the importance of the role that the swans played that a swan attendant was employed by the company to oversee their wellbeing.

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There are about 200 of his post boxes

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Sounds like a project to visit the Kelpies and Submit a trail.
I might get there in late July :sunglasses: