My nomination got rejected

When submitting a Wayspot Appeal, make sure to include as much of the following information as possible:

Hey, the appeal part of the forum is for rejected removals and their reversal for example. You can not appeal your rejected wayspot nominations here, you can use the appeal function from within Wayfarer instead (2 Appeals available after 20 days of last use)

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Ah ok.

Those look like an interesting artwork.
What were the rejection reasons?
The photograph doesn’t show them well. If you make an appeal acknowledge the difficulty in the appeal.
If you end up making a fresh submission then I would try to get a more straight on picture and an angle so that they stand out from the background and their distinctiveness shows.

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The picture was the reason so ive resubmitted it with a more closeup picture. As for description and reasoning, i know its right.

I thought the description and supplementary were indeed good.
:crossed_fingers: with the better picture.

The official link that you shared (Hamilton Road Park - Bury Council) actually has a really nice picture, I would try and mimic that style (it’s shot from below and has a dynamic feel to it) other than that, it is a totally legit work-of-art, you’ve provided a great description and sufficient evidence!

Yeah I got a similar angle as it worked really well and would look good as the pokestop image.

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Much appreciated. I got this picture, its similar to one i found online so i decided to take it and use it. I do mean take the same picture, not use that specfic one lol. I like the angle.


That is a great idea if you get inspired by a particular photo. You can easily get “locked in” to a specific approach and it is hard to see what you can do differently. But seeing a different photos or asking here can give the inspiration you need to make a difference to what angle to try.