Rejected Pokestop

“Building R Stone”

This stone is placed to mark building R in Harvest Hills.

A Wayspot must meet one of the criteria of a GREAT place to explore, exercise, or be social. How do you feel this meets any of those criteria? Would you take a friend to show them this sign, or even this building?

They have said before that “Generic business” is not an accurate representation of the reason “our team” is using to reject, if this was originally an “our team” rejection.

They did not overturn any more of these rejections to my knowledge. Including mine on that post.


Oh I’m sorry. Can we please be positive and supportive at least here at Niantic?
For clarification - I have seen highway mile markers and much uglier pointless signs so I was more so wondering why those passed and this didn’t. At least it’s a nice looking rock.

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Hi and welcome! You have not specified what your question was, but I’m assuming you want to know why this was rejected?

I would invite you to review the nomination criteria page that includes a number of eligibility, acceptance and rejection criteria. I would suggest not going off existing low quality wayspots when picking things to nominate (many of these could have been approved a very long time ago when guidelines were different, or mistakenly, or as a result of abuse and risk being removed at any time) but rather asking the “is it a great place to explore, exercise or socialize?” questions, as has been suggested above.

With all possible positivity and support, we have to follow the criteria above and I really don’t think this is eligible as this seems to be an indicator of a numbering system on a residential building. The “would you take a friend to see this” question being asked above can often serve as a useful proxy for eligibility. I would suggest looking around your area with the eligibility criteria in mind.


I’ve removed some personal information from above post @lizardlo as it’s not directly related to the object in question.

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Did you feel my response was not supportive? I tried to talk you through the thought process and explain why “Generic business” may not have been the actual reason it was rejected. You did not ask a question, but were posting in Nomination Support so I thought you were asking why this might have been rejected. If you ask yourself those three questions, you will get a lot more accepts. We love to help people be great submitters!