Rejected route but it is a path that everyone takes

Well… I have 2 accepted routes, this route was my third that after being reviewed for a few days was rejected, my problem is that my town is divided in half by a route and train tracks (this one only passes at night on Sundays and it has not been in circulation for months, it is not a problem anyway).

That is the route I usually take, and generally these trips are made by shortening the path to get to the city center faster. What is not taken into account is the climate of the area, which is windy here most of the year and people normally do not follow straight paths for that same reason unless the days are sunny to take a friendly walk.
Yes, I read the route rules about why you can refuse, but then you cannot travel a route that goes from one side of the city to the other if the route goes over a bridge that is above the route and along roads that They intersect with the train tracks… I don’t know, these rules make them modify my routes that I usually take or the routes of other players who routinely take those types of routes. For me as a citizen of my town I don’t see that they are dangerous, but well… it’s my opinion

If you want to see the satellite map of my town it is: Google Maps

Wayfarer has nothing to do with routes. Maybe try Pokemon Go support.

I wrote the post only so that the community can advise me whether to insist again with a similar route walking along paths made by the town municipality or not to insist anymore with routes that pass along the train tracks :confused:

oh in that case, if my route is rejected, i don’t resubmit it. i don’t want to risk a ban.