Requested Removal of Wayspot/Gym

  • Wayspot Title: Meuse Midway Trail
  • Location (lat/lon): 39.11267, -76.74777.
  • City: Fort George G Meade, MD
  • Country: U.S.
  • Additional Information (if any): Gym is now located in an active construction site that will be a widened/improved road upon completion. Trailhead has been completely mowed over and removed. Location is unsafe and invalid.

Geotagged photos taken across road from site. Map image and screenshot are official communication from the installation regarding nature of project.

@JoannnaGee It looks like we haven’t gotten to this request yet or it hasn’t been submitted through in-game. At this time, we only take appeals to overturn decisions we’ve already made.

This is the e-mail saying my request was denied. Do I need to report the gym again to re-enter it into the system?