Gym/Wayspot Report for Invalid Location Denied

Not sure where to ask this, there is a gym in Fort Meade, MD that is now an invalid location because it’s been deforested to widen a road. It is currently an unsafe active construction zone and will soon be a road, not a trailhead. I reported in PoGo app and it was denied. Meuse Midway Trail, 39.11267, -76.74777.

You can appeal a rejected removal request here Wayspot Appeals - Niantic Wayfarer.

Have you tried to get this removed yet?

First, try through the game by tapping on the gym, then tapping the white arrow in the top right corner. Then tap that again. Then tap the three dots in the top right corner. Then select Report invalid Pokestop.

But that method often fails because you cant explain why you are requesting the removal.

So the better way is to use the “property owner” removal form. We have been assured that we dont need to be the property owners to use it. That form is linked at the top of this page at “Wayspot Removals.” Fill out the fields as best you can and explain why this gym is now unsafe or gone. Provide current images that prove this.

The immediate reponse email will mention that they need to hear from the property owner, but thats automated and you can ignore it.

OP mentioned they tried to get it removed through Pogo, but was denied, hence the link to the appeal.