Restore Portal Weidwegspielplatz

  • Wayspot Title: Weidwegspielplatz
  • Location (lat/lon): 47.1811444, 8.8978187
  • City: Siebnen
  • Country: Swizerland

The portal was deleted on 10.5.2024

It is not a private property

No school

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The portal as it once existed is no longer present as shown in the photo

There is a playground

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At exactly this location, at the time I took the photo this week, there was no playground at all


wherever you took this photo, it is not at the point where you set the location

@burritomaster86 I believe the photos you’ve taken are from outside the wrong building.

If we look at Google Maps, the play area that @ZenoSama is showing is in the red box. Judging by the background imagery of your first photo though, I believe you’re stood by the building in the blue box, as the buildings in the background appear to match with Car Center Schweiz and Naturheilpraxis In Furma, whereas they should show the Agrola Petrol Station if you were stood in the red box.


Two of the photos were taken from the street, the other from the side of the underground car park and this is exactly where the location of the “portal” was set. If he doesn’t specify the location correctly just to be able to play better, that’s not my fault… there wasn’t a playground like that around it either. The photos he is presenting now do not correspond to the one that was deleted.

The Playground can clearly be seen on Googlemaps, better on swisstopo ( see link here) as you might know.

Maybe just move it to the correct position next time?
Ive marked the location of @burritomaster86 s pictures with an red arrow, and the correct position with a green one

screenshot from swisstopo:


As already written, the pictures he is now posting do not correspond to the portal that has now been deleted. The playground that was nearby did not correspond to the one that was in the pictures of the deleted portal. So a postponement was also out of the question.

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you can see on this ingame screenshot from the first post that this Wayspot has two pictures.
Playgrounds usually get re build in a similar fashion every few years for safety reasons. The triangular rope climbing climbing frame was replaced, the swings stayed the same.

Deleting old pictures from Wayspots has been a struggle for like forever and is rarely done by players. Common practice is add a new picture and upvote it.
The upvote part was apparently forgotten here, but its still the same playground.


Thanks for the appeal, @ZenoSama. After reviewing the additional evidence provided, we’ve decided to restore and move the Wayspot in question.