Review duplicate criteria doubt

Doubt if is a duplicate or not.
If a place has a sign and the sign is registered and there is a nomination of the place itself. Would that count as a duplicate or not?
And both locations are pretty close to each other like almost one in top of the other.


If the sign is only to mark the place - to tell us the name of the place, then it doesn’t meet any of the criteria on its own: to socialize, exercise or explore. Often we submit signs as proxies for the place because the place is nebulous to locate, like a park. A sign gives you an anchor point for the park.

While this is controversial to some, a sign for a church is not a POI separate from the church building. There’s been some leeway on that in the past if the church building is out of sight of the sign. But if the sign and the building are just a few feet from each other and in full sight of each other, the sign is just a proxy. So in those cases, if there’s already a POI on either the building or the sign, I will vote a submission for the other thing as a duplicate.

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