Scenic viewpoint

Any Tips for title or info?
Or what i can write for the reviewers as extra information

Do it count as a scenic view?

Things you can see from there, the place for birds and wildlife in the big wetlands right in front next to the river. the famous windmills from the kinderdijk little bit to the left on a clearday whit a Binoculars you can see the top.of the famous church in dordrecht… famous yachtbuilder Oceanco where famous yachts are build. give some days in the year a extra spectaculaire view if you love boats. The way to the bench have a lot hiking and mountainbike trails and normal cycling trail.
Here you look ad

And the bench is located on the hill here.


This looks to me like a park. I have it on good authority that you should never submit nominations in a park.

Hi @Panjadraakj
What ever you do with this nomination, I would advise you to clear out the trash. The bin next to the viewpoint - hmmm ok, you can’t do something against it (maybe a diffrent angle?), but the trash on the ground doesn’t takes longer than 1 min.

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Yes if it was normal trash like a can or bottle, and clean, and not under the ketchup and cannabis bags, and to kick it away in grass was also no option, there are goverment people that cleans the park and forest,weekly also empty the trash cans and yes the view whit out trash can is nicer but then it take more away from the view on the picture
Saturday and sunday i go cycyling again i can try to ad more the bench and tree on it and leave trash can out the picture.

But the title can also maybe better?

I would suggest something either where you’re at this point, or what you can see

Choosed for the place name where you ad that point are, now i wait and see till it come back. Its rejected all ready😅

Are you jesting there? Parks are great places to nominate. The spawn density is highest there in Pogo Terms.