Should we be able to edit our nominations more

I was thinking earlier today that it would be nice to be able to further edit our nominations in the contribution list beyond being able to edit the Title, Description, and Supporting Information. I wanted to get people’s takes on it, and throw it out there and hope that maybe if enough people like it the team might consider implementing it.

Location: Stay with me on this one: With the PoGO location pin place bug, and sometimes spotty GPS signal when making nominations it would be nice if we could edit the location of a submission from the contribution page.

Yes, I see the potential for this to be abused so I would say you would have to limit this to 10 meters after the fact. I don’t want people using this to get around the distance barriers set up in Ingress and PoGO.

Photos: I don’t know how many times I’ve taken a picture in the sun, with the glare, or when it’s freezing out just to go back home and think … damn that picture sucks. Or the times I’ve realized that my supporting photo was … well, not very supportive. It would be nice if I could put that on hold and go back out and take a better picture to use.

Edits. I know saying you want to edit your edit sounds silly, but I put in 2 Title edits the other day for the same Wayspot because I fat-fingered a number on the first one and had to fix it. Now if I could have just fixed the first one, I wouldn’t have had to use a second one.

I really think these upgrades would make the quality of life of the every day Wayfarer much better. What do you think?


I got to high enough level in Ingress mainly so that I could remotely submit from home to avoid those first two - much wider range in Ingress. But in Ingress I can’t check for unseen Wayspots like I can in the nomination screen on site in PoGo.

I definitely need to be able to withdraw or edit Edit suggestions from my contributions page, but they have already recognized that we need the ability to at least withdraw:


I can nominate remotely in Ingress too I just hate it because the nearby Wayspots don’t show up.
:sweat_smile: Even in PoGO you can move at least a little distance away from where you are, but if you do the nearby Wayspots don’t show up either… It’s a pain.

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I mean, with how fast ML has been deciding some photos and edits, sometimes we just don’t get a chance to correct spelling, grammar, or would be able to withdraw.

I’ve mainly been focusing on edits as of late, and sometimes I’ll get an auto-accept within a few minutes, and then I see later that I spelled a word incorrectly, especially when it comes to description edits. Most of the description edits I’ve been doing are for Wayspots without descriptions, so I can see why they get accepted so quickly by ML.

Now, i don’t know if some submitters would even take a good supporting photo, especially those that just upload the main photo for the supporting photo, which is just so annoying, or those trying to hide that the nomination is at a school or on private property. I personally take all of the photos before submitting, not while, so I can review them and choose which is best for the main and what’s best for supporting. Not a feature I would see myself using much, but maybe others would.

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That sinking feeling when you realise you are just out of range to remote submit.
It would be nice if you could at least review your photo and be offered the option to do simple editing - phone and pictures have come on massively since this “primitive process” was developed. Seriously part of Niantic wants fancy scanning of wayspots another wants a simple basic non adjusted photo :crazy_face::woman_shrugging:


We shouldn’t impede progress just because some people wouldn’t use it…


I did say others may use it, just not something I would use.

Honestly, I would love that idea. I have had a few nominations denied for mismatched location. Mostly because the satellite view is poor in that area and gps seems to be a bit odd in placement due to perhaps tree coverage.

I understand the issues with how some might deem this abuse, but I don’t really see how it would be.

Normally I nominate when in community and upload at home. Although, with some nominations just disappearing into the void this makes it challenging. I started nominating and submitting while out and just log in to wayfarer from my phone and put my nominations on hold to edit. Occasionally, I have thought my photo isn’t great, but it is in voting, but I keep the better one to add to the wayspot later.


Hi @Glawhantojar
Absolutly agree with you on that!
I want to add, that we should be allowed to submit more than one support photo (maybe 3?) and that a new submission should go on auto-hold for perhaps 1h.


Why can you submit from a further distance in ingress?

I don’t know why, but we just can.


Edits with the tiny distance in PoGo is so annoying. There’s a waypoint that is on an island. The best place to take a new picture is on 1 side of the river, but since I originally submitted it from the other bank, and its on that side of the island, I now cant edit it from the “prettier” side as it is just outside the edit range. I always forget to take pictures and then submit from the other side.


This is a great idea, often I don’t notice something until later and would love to be able to update these things. When it’s cold, raining or we are pressed for time, we have to quickly pick a location and picture that may not be the best, we can put in temporary text to be updated later so why not the other elements, give us as many options to do as a good job as possible.

I tend to take multiple pictures and pick the best when I submit remotely so I have more time to do some proper research and write a good description but this isn’t possible past a certain range.

I can’t see that editing location later could be any more abused than simply placing the pin incorrectly when submitting initially? I do think that an auto hold option would be fantastic and save some people a lot of stress. Not all would use these functions but they would certainly benefit a great many.


I would love for the pogo submitting range to be longer, i dont see a reason as to why its only 10km


I think route creation is now open to Lvl 35.

Not that it will matter much as Walk for a haircut and Daily work drudge - I hope it ends soon are just some of the delights I’ve seen from Lvl38+

yes they said withdrawing edits was a priority. but it be nice to get a timeline/update on it (it’s been a good while).


They’ll probably add a line to the email you receive when submitting an edit letting you know that you can withdraw it if necessary by January 2026.

The actual ability to withdraw edits should happen less than 4 years after the email update.


ah right :wink:

Yes!! These are great ideas. It is would be so nice to update a photo on your own submission and make other edits before the nomination goes into voting.

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I had a PokeStop in review after being denied and really wanted to change the title since it didn’t match or make sense with the photo. It made sense when next to the other PokeStop that was approved, which I understand not the best idea on my part. I could not change any aspect of the nomination, just plead my case.