Sigh, It doesn’t meet criteria, but isn’t this great

I thought it might be interesting to share some places that we would like to submit ……but for one reason or another would not be suitable. I suspect a lot of things on Single Family Private Residential Property will turn up, or wonderful statues in the middle of a roundabout.
But here is my starter.

A popular tidal pool created with some strategically placed concrete. Marked as a place to visit on google maps and in tourist booklets. Who doesn’t like a pool, it’s unique, but I think the lawyers would have a fit at various safety aspects :roll_eyes:
Ah well there are 6 memorial benches overlooking the pool they are obviously more interesting. :thinking:


Oh I love the pool!! Looks safe enough to me, but I’d happily swim in anything :sweat_smile:

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This is not a new submission but the park have just added some new signs.

Fine, lovely, wonderful, thanks Emily.

This however Emily wouldn’t touch :frowning:

It’s not as beautiful as your pool but I do think being able to send gifts of a deer bum to people is important :robot:


This massive piece of artwork on the pillars of a highway overpass is pretty damn impressive, but it has pedestrian access issues.


Unique pin–wheels made out of car parts. They actually turn on windy day

BTW: @elijustrying I took this picture a couple days ago and meant to make this exact same kind of thread lol. Just hadnt got around to it


This is an 18th century building just on the edge of Marble Hill Park.

I was going to add it but once you walk into the gardens through that entrance they have a Private Property sign on their garden fence.

Then I realised someone else had already added this private property so it all worked out well.

One of the go-fests made bathrooms a stop so kept getting post cards from park lavatories. a real got to go place


I would have treasured that gift.


We have this really nice metal sculpture of a crown, which has rainbow coloured lights all over it, so it looks quite spectacular at night time. Despite the fact you can see a footpath in the photo though, it’s in the middle of a roundabout, and there’s no designated crossing point to the middle, so it doesn’t meet the safety criteria for wayfarer.


That must be safe - for the gardeners to work there - so surely its big enough to be okay? Maybe the gardeners skydive in :laughing:

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People do actually have picnics there during Summer. Like I say though, no marked crossing point to the centre means that it’s not safe for wayfarer.

As for the council looking after the plants? They just ignore the parking rules (the same rules that we’d pay a hefty fine for if we ignored them haha).


If people picnic there then common sense says it has pedestrian access! How do people get there?

You can also argue the council workers have safe access too, however they get it :wink:

That tidal pool is seriously awesome! There must be somewhere you could set the location marker by the edge of it to make it ok access-wise?

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I had a similar reject, but it’s in an apartment complex parking lot, figured crossing a parking lot isn’t “unsafe” but got the Pedistrian Access rejection

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Black pavement is hot lava…

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Where is this?? Would likentonswim there sometime…:heart_eyes::swimming_woman::swimming_man:

Like to swim :rofl:

It’s in Cornwall in the U.K.

Have you any places that for one reason or another would not be accepted but are interesting

They are not so interesting as thuis one :wink:
I hope to Come there some day…

Met vriendelijke groet, Sandra de Rooij

This was a PokeGym for years when I started playing, then one day it disappeared, before I ever knew anything about criteria or anything:

Town of Cary public art, but in a roundabout. A recent photo: