Sparkling Sign

This is one I was iffy on submitting but my kid always asks about, thoughts to improve or simply let it go. Seems I got generic business, which it is, but its the sign not the business I was trying for.

Wayspot Submission for Sparkling sign


Clinton Township MI



Rejection Criteria

Generic Business


A sign that sparkles as the light catches off the various stone cuts


34339 Harper Ave, Clinton Twp, MI 48035, USA

Supplemental Information

So this is a hard submission to do properly. This sign is made of cut stone, with various angles making it sparkle in a way that was hard to capture on photo. There are also lights at the bottom edge to produce the effect at night. I am submitting this under the “Explore” category. Every time, I take a walk with my son, he always wants to walk up and see how it is sparkling. Which obviously changes based on the sun’s position and clouds. So in local sense of walking and seeing something unique, it is explore worthy.

It’s just a sign, i don’t think it comes close to qualifying as art and so it’s just a sign for a business that is generic. The rejection reason is close enough.


Nod, I can’t get a good picture… the angled cuts on stone makes it sparkle in a way that does stand out. But I am not sure even with a good picture, it would count. It is cool and we walk to look at different times to see different sparkles but does that make it artistic… IDK

Thanks for opinion/thought

Sorry wayfarer - I would have picked generic business too