Spelling mistakes On the wayspot title

Localisation : (48.8879445, 2.3436690)

Actualy name: Amphiteatre De Monmartre

The name with correction : Amphithéâtre de Montmartre

Did you already submit this correction in-game and it got rejected?

Hi! I submitted. But not have answer I suggest 1 year ago.!

I completely agree that the title needs to be corrected in the way you suggest, and let’s see what staff says, however this rubric is usually used for things for which you have received a rejection email already.


I suggested the gym name last year.

Waiting again… no answers !

It could be that there haven’t been enough reviews done by the community yet within the year since you originally submitted it. Any edits I submit can take awhile to get a community decision on, as there isn’t a large reviewer base where I live. The most recent title edit I had actually came from the area for my bonus location, which also doesn’t have a large number of reviewers.

Maybe by resubmitting it could get auto-approved by the ML, especially since it’s a spelling mistake.

I’ll try it again!

The 15 march!
Hope it’ll be quickly!

Have a nice day!

I would never recommend resubmitting before the last try gets a decision. From what I have seen, it is most likely to get added to the edit in the review pool already and start that process all over again. Plus, if it gets added to the other accurate edit suggestion as an option, reviewers aren’t going to know which one to vote on.

(To be clear: I do not have any inside information on how edits are processed. But that is what it looks like happens from doing so much reviewing.)

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With the ML now accepting some nominations for Wayspots without community review, it’s very possible that something like a spelling mistake being corrected could automatically be accepted. This will especially be helpful for rural areas, where there aren’t as many reviewers. I have no evidence that this is happening yet, but title/description/location edits that are submitted multiple times I don’t see as an issue as much as Wayspot nominations that get marked as duplicates.

If it doesn’t get reviewed by ML then it will give too many options and reviewers then won’t ever agree on a result, stalling the decision for ages.

Submitting duplicates is never a good idea


Not to pile on, but yeah, no point in resubmitting an identical edit.

Plus, if you get a rejection, you never know for which case.

Lol so much for our responses here XD

Happy you got resolution on your issue!

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Thank you! :grin:

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Thank You Niantic team!

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