Stop/Arena Removal

When submitting a Wayspot Appeal, make sure to include as much of the following information as possible:

Wayspot Title: 11 Arenen/Stops Holzauto, Mühlenturm Lüntenbeck, Bubble Lamp Castle luentenbeck, Alien Eierstock-geschlüpt,Skaterbahn auf dem Spielplatz Lüntenbeck,Pyramide,Bahnverzweigung,Wegweiser auf der Trasse, Infotafel Haltepunkt Lüntenbeck, Gedenkstein Lüntenbeck
Location (lat/lon):Siedlung Lüntenbeck
City: Wuppertal
Country:Nrw, Deutschland
Screenshot of the Rejection Email (do not include your personal information):
Additional Information (if any):Hello, I have the following problem:
In the settlement where I live there are a few aggressive players who drive other people (sometimes regardless of whether they are other players or not) from places where there are arenas or stops, sometimes with insults and threats after several consultations With the police, we (police and I) have come to the conclusion that it would be better if these arenas and stops were removed, but unfortunately Niantic support is unable to respond to tickets that have been created or to give contradictory answers (stops can only be sent by Property owners have to be removed, although in other places this is also not possible!) So maybe someone can help me where I can perhaps reach someone intelligent so that the stops/arenas can be removed.

This Topic was closed without a Solution i look that i get some Pictures to show where some of theses Stops are in reality so you see that they are not allowed

You already got told by both @NianticAaron and various @Ambassadors that these wayspots weren’t eligible for removal and that the issues you were experiencing with other locals were not within Niantic’s jurisdiction. So you did get a resolution to your post, it just wasn’t what you were wanting to hear.

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From the discussion and official replies in the previuos thread, I dont think that Niantic will be helpful for your problem.

As you wrote that your local police also suggest to have those stops removed, I think the next step for you is “Anzeige gegen Unbekannt”.

Even though in the previous discussion, the ambassadors wrote that its not an Issue of Niantic, following German (and I think EU law) the topic “Störerhaftung” could be valid here. (Similar to Google Streetview, that has been successfully pushed to blur locations by request)

The Wayspots that you’re trying to report do not meet removal criteria and we are unable to proceed any further with this request.


This shows me that you dont read my written text and dont check the Stops, so you would see some of them are on Private ground and do meet removal Criteria

I tryed months ago to restore a Wayspot, what was not possible because it stands on Private ground. Now i get the reason for other stops it cant be removed because its on private ground

I’m not able to see the wayspots you are discussing, but based on NianticArons response these are not Single Family Private Residential Property (SFPRP) or School (K-12, schools for children under 18). Without one of those it will be hard to get something removed.

In this screenshot is one of the Areals 2 Stops are in the Red Areal that Belongs to a Family so its a private property, so the stops have to be removed

You should probably turn off map markers for your screenshot so that it’s not so obvious you’re lying about this being a single-family private residential property.


There are a load of photospheres in that area that give a good view of it. It doesn’t appear to be a private residential property.

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Sorry can you show me where it should be a Lie? its inside a caste Area yes but not for Visitors because its in the garden of the owners

I try to get a Foto tomorrow a Photo from the West side where the meadow is there you see it is behind a fence in a garden

Panorama Fotos from West Nort and East you can see only one of the two stops there (on the fourth picture is one stop) the other one is removed so another reason for removal.

Not to be difficult, but the brick building does not appear to be a private single family residence, and is listed as an artist workshop in Google maps (and has a website).

But the stop is in his backyard on a Private ground. Can you give me the link to the website?

There are no waypoints behind the brick building.

On this screenshot it marked 3 Stops the one in the North is legal.
The second one in the middle should be a sculpture but there is no and on private ground so two reasons to remove.
The third is the stop you see in picture 4 only with much plants on it also on a private ground.

You maybe have to look that you can now do your work and remove 2 of the stops!

Official Websiteübersicht-rundgang

The official website straight up encourages visitors to have a guided tour around the whole castle. Some photos also provide evidence that “Holzauto” exists at the location as recent as May 2024, the official website also shows evidence that the courtyard is used for periodic events. The yellow building is a restaurant.

If police are involved, you may want to request the property owner’s decision too on how to process your predicament. Either by reporting the behavior and banning them off the property, or have them process the removal request as the property management.


When you would look on the Photos you would see on this location is no “Holzauto” or do you need another Photo? It WAS there! yes the yellow building is a restaurant but all behind it is not reachable for public because its the backyard of the castel owners