Unsafe & Private Property Waypoint Report Rejected

  • Wayspot Title: College Park Sign
  • Location: 28.571451, -81.376406
  • City: Orlando
  • Country: Florida
  • Screenshot of the Rejection Email:

  • Additional Information:

This waypoint was always questionable, as it is a generic neighborhood sign that is, by city GIS data, at the corner of a private residential property lot. It should probably have never been accepted in the first place, but it gets worse.

Since 2020, the city has expanded the I-4 expressway two more lanes, cutting through the neighborhood with eminent domain property seizure. The pedestrian underpass is now a tiny strip of sidewalk alongside a very busy intersection, and the grassy median that was here is now a congested highway off-ramp.

Players continue to collect and use this waypoint, as it is an in-game gym, to the annoyance of the property owners. The city has now gone so far as to include large red “No Trespassing” signs at this location.

By no stretch of the imagination is this a safe place for players to socialize, exercise, or explore. Please retire this waypoint and move the pokemon gym to one of the other, publicly accessible, safer access points - for the benefit of our local community.