Swings on trees


I know that swing sets are eligible, but what about a swing from a tree?
Picture was taken when i passed by today, will take better one if there is a chance to get it approved. Btw it is public accessible.

I don’t mind this but you need to really, really, really prove that this is not on the property of a single family residence.


My friend has been trying for months to get a tree swing in a park accepted. She’s done multiple nominations and even appealed, and it always comes back as temporary, abuse, or private property. :roll_eyes:

So although I would say this is play equipment and can be eligible, it seems like British reviewers and Niantic themselves hate these and won’t accept them

Be prepared for a long haul of submissions to get this one through!


Thanks for the insight :wink:
Being a Wayfarer nominator is the definition of being in it for the long haul :joy:

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My worst was 10 nominations before acceptance.

And the same week someone had submitted a fake into the same cell, so my finally accepted hard won waypoint doesnt even show. :sweat_smile:

Another I’ve submitted 6 times, appealed twice, and my friend submitted it several times too. Finally got it accepted a few days ago from an upgrade and a sunnier picture, but due to the sync issues its not shown up yet.

There’s a bit of history that I learned as a long-time Wayfarer lurker.

People used to nominate these all the time. Legitimate ones were often located in sort of out of the way places that are not visible on Street View, and could not be confirmed via satellite, but they tended to be accepted.

Soon, it became common for folks to fake these swings. Photos of real swings were easily tied to any prominent tree that wasn’t in view from the road, and some scammers would make a mock-up swing that they could temporarily place in a number of locations.

Eventually, tire-swings became a sort of Wayfarer meme: How small a tire, and how light a rope could be used to create a believable fake? A Cheerio on a cotton thread?

Today’s valid tree-swing nomination is fighting the inertia of all that fakery. Reviewers must believe your swing to be real, full-sized, safe, and publicly accessible, visible from some reliable third party or documented in a believable manner.

That’s a pretty tall order.

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Shame that if you use a support photo with a person swinging on it you’re probably gonna get rejected for bad photo :laughing: but might be an idea

I used a secondary photo with a person one time to show the scale of the object. I altered the image so that her face was not identifiable, just that she was a human. I don’t know if that would work consistently. I did explain in the support statement something like, “Deidentified woman included for scale.”


Okay, thats maybe a good idea for the one my friend keeps trying, if I go with her

We can probably do it so shes facing away from the camera

Uff, but at least the cell got a POI :slight_smile:

What people do to get a POI in their backyard still amazes me.

I just checked in Google maps and the swing i mentioned earlier does show, so thats positive, i guess the fence will be an issue, even though it is there to prevent the kids from running out in the streets.

Yeah but now I have to look at a fake the whole time knowing mine is there too

I would feel the same way.

Agreed. Because street view is not always up too date.

I would 100% reject this for being not permanent. It can easily be taken down and disappear. But maybe that’s just me. :sweat_smile:


I get your thinking, but couldn’t that apply to many other POIs?. Maybe think of the tree/place as the permanent object (like the bars on a regular swing set). The actual swing is something that gets worn and replaced, and if not someone can report the POI as no longer existing.

That is how i look at it.

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I think the temporary criteria is around rejecting things that will be taken down, not might


Is that written somewhere by Niantic? If yes, where?

I like to quote criteria clarification in the supporting info when submitting nominations :wink:

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I could probably apply to many POIs, but there are a lot of bad POIs out there, so… :sweat_smile:
This is just a swing that someone in the neighborhood hung there. I just personally prefer more ‘established’ playgrounds. Otherwise POIs are too easy to “make”. (Not saying that is the case here! Just in general)

I respectfully disagree. :blush: It has to be tangible and permanent from the beginning. We never know what can happen, great sculptures and statues can be moved around - playgrounds demolished, etc etc. - but with an object like this it seems clear from the beginning that it wasn’t bolted to the tree or something like that and it doesn’t give me that “public playground vibe” either.

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