Why this nomination is rejectet

I have a question why this nominations is rejectet? This swings are part of recreation center so i dont know why i get rejectet by missmatched location. Its also surely not temporary or sesonal, because it stay there for over 40 years.
Im new at adding pokestop so please advice me if it can be accepted after appeal or rather i get another rejection. Of course any advices about improving my nominations are very welcome too.
Thanks in advance!

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I’m going to let some more familiar with the issues in Poland weigh in.

Should i start adding nominations in english or its better in polish since location is in Poland?

That looks like a great Wayspot. It could be that some reviewers didn’t like the that there are objects on the swing. So you could try removing them when nominating again.

It can also be that it is hard to see the object in the sattelite images. So if you could show another object in the background of the swing in the additional image it could help (a building for instance).

You could try to appeal or nominate again, both could work. It will probably be accepted in the end if you make a couple of more tries.

I think it is probably better to stick with Polish since it will be the language of most of the people reviewing.


Welcome @treqburg

An aspect I would like to point out is that there are what appears to be toys placed on one of the swings.
It may seem like a fun thing to do but actions like that have been known to be used as signals to others that this is a nomination to accept - although this clearly is not the case here as it’s rejected.
Sometimes people also place a specific object somewhere in all their nominations as a marker that it is theirs, and that is not appropriate.
So it is really just tip to avoid this in your photos.


Thanks a lot, i didnt know about it. It wasnt even mine. I will try in advance to pay attention for things like that.